Home alarm systems are continuously becoming more popular with each year, and for good reason. More than 7 million property crimes were recorded throughout the US in 2016 alone.

While the number of property crimes related to home burglaries is decreasing, it still ranges in the millions, keeping citizens more alert and interested in the security industry today. If you have a home alarm installed on your property and you notice colored LED lights that are not typical, there are a few steps to take to verify their meaning while also learning what to do if there is an issue or problem that has arisen with your security system itself. 

Typical Alarm Colors and Meanings

Most home alarm systems have LED lights to indicate the current status of the system at all times. Typically, colored lights on your home alarm system often indicate similar messages such as:

  • Solid or blinking green may indicate that your system is currently running without issue. However, a blinking green light may mean that your system is not armed or is disarmed depending on the make and model of the security console you have selected. 
  • A yellow light may require additional verification or may also indicate low batteries or loose wiring depending on your current setup
  • Red lights indicate warnings and trouble directly linked to your home alarm. Red lights often require professional assistance or a thorough understanding of how your security system is wired and what is required in order to restore the unit to its original functioning state. Red lights that are solid or blinking on a home alarm system can also showcase potential breaches in security, meaning your system is not monitoring or recording any potential break-ins. 

Use Your Equipment Guide or Manual for Specific Definitions of LED Lights

Check your security equipment’s instruction manuals and included guides for details regarding the LED lights appearing on your console or other devices throughout your home. While most LED lights included in security systems are general, there are consoles and central units with varying patterns that involve different indications. 


Contact Your Alarm Company if You are Unable to Restore Correct Lighting

When you are unsure of how to restore your unit’s original state and lighting, contact your alarm company directly for a walkthrough of the process based on the system you have installed. Your security company may also have additional insight into the cause of any colored LED lights appearing on your console and how to avoid them in the future.

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