With so many people using Amazon Echo today, and asking Alexa to help them with everything from the temperature in their house to their grocery list, it’s not surprising that homeowners would be looking for a home alarm that works with Alexa, too. In the past there was only one option for this, but over time a lot more companies came on board because they saw the value in it. Now there are a number of companies that work with Alexa, and that helps anyone who wants to pair Alexa with their home security system. That can improve their home — truly making it more of a smart home than ever before.


Using Alarm Companies With Alexa

When an alarm company works with Alexa, it’s able to create a pairing that homeowners want and need. It’s just one more way to integrate a home and help people get what they need from their smart home experience. Not all alarm companies have the ability to work with Alexa, but quite a few offer that option. More will be expected to offer this pairing option in the future, until eventually every alarm company works with Alexa. Having the integration means that a homeowner can use Alexa to arm and disarm their alarm system, which is a great way to add to what a house can do.

Is Integration Really Necessary?

Technically, integration isn’t necessary. But integrating Alexa and an alarm system adds to convenience. That convenience can add to safety, because it allows for people to accomplish more in a way that’s easy and quick. They remember to set their alarm system when all they have to do is ask Alexa to do it for them. Making it easy means that an alarm system will get used more often — and that means people are better protected in their own homes. That’s good news for individual homeowners, but also for entire neighborhoods and for the police and fire departments who protect them.

Choosing the Right Alarm Company From the List

With a long list of companies that work with Alexa, including Protect America, choosing the right alarm company isn’t complicated. Consumers should consider:

  • the price of the monitoring
  • how easily it integrates with Alexa
  • whether it offers support
  • if there is 24/7 monitoring

Working with Alexa can help a number of homeowners make sure their houses are protected. But that’s not the only reason to get an alarm system, or to choose a particular company.


With so many alarm companies and security companies offering Alexa integration today, a company can be chosen based on that factor and others.

That way the homeowner can get the best alarm system for their needs, instead of only buying something that does or doesn’t work with Alexa as a baseline for choosing a particular company. There are other reasons to select a company for alarm system monitoring.

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