When home security systems first started to become mainstream with everyday individuals, landlines were often a staple and hard requirement for alarm systems to work and send information back to the company properly. Homes without a security system in place are approximately 300% more likely to become a target of a burglar or vandal. With more than 1.5 million burglary incidents throughout the United States in 2015 alone, investing in an alarm system today is a top priority for millions of citizens. If you are interested in a home alarm system but you do not have a landline installed on your property due to the rise in smartphones and Wi-Fi use, there are a few ways to find a provider that is capable of meeting all of your needs.

Research Capabilities of Home Alarm System Companies

If you do not have a landline in your home and you are not intending on purchasing one, seek out a home alarm company that does not require a traditional landline to work properly. Research cameras and other devices offered by the home alarm companies you are interested in to get a better understanding of the capabilities and features available from each provider before making a decision. 

Home Alarm Pricing

Compare Plan Pricing and Features of Each Service Available

Consider whether you are capable of paying a larger installation fee along with a monthly monitoring service charge or if you are interested in a DIY installation on your own. It is also important to compare features of each service available near you in addition to the overall pricing of their individual plans. Some of the most popular services included with security cameras and home alarms to research before making an investment of your own include:

  • Does your setup include motion detection devices for doors and windows?
  • Is there a backup made of data you collect with your cameras and monitoring equipment?
  • Is there help and assistance available from a professional security representative in the case of a burglary or emergency?
  • Are you able to quickly install your security system over the phone with a service representative or are you required to pay a large fee to complete your alarm’s installation? 

Home Alarm Install

Install Your Own Home Security System and Utilize Professional Monitoring Services

Another way to install a home alarm without worrying about a lack of a landline is to do so on your own with the help of a professional security and monitoring company. Selecting and purchasing your own equipment while installing it with the guidance of a security representative helps save time while also eliminating pesky installation fees.

Additionally, choosing to install your own home security system cuts down on overall monthly and annual fees from the service itself, making it an optimal choice for individuals and families on a strict household budget.

Looking for the latest home security technology available with DIY installation options? Contact ProtectAmerica today to learn more about our equipment and plans that are best suited for you and your household.