How do you keep your household secure in this day and age? It seems like you have a lot to worry about, from upgrading your home’s existing security to creating a password that will keep your electronic information private. If you’d like to learn more about defending yourself and your household from the criminals of the world, start with home alarms on YouTube.


Want to Know How to Secure Your Home?

The eHow at Home Channel features several playlists of home safety videos. These cover everything from childproofing your house to safely cleaning and repairing equipment to creating a fire escape plan. If this sounds like overkill, think twice! In an emergency like a house fire, every second counts. Having a plan in place including who will grab vital documents, who’s in charge of the kid or dog, and keeping emergency supplies in the trunk of the car can make a big difference.

Stay Safe Both Online and Offline

Helping to make the internet safer and more secure for everyone.

– Stay Safe Online

If you only have time to check out one YouTube channel from this article, try Stay Safe Online. This channel is created by the National Cyber Security Alliance, an organization that seeks to educate the public on multiple forms of security, with a focus on cybersecurity. Why does this matter? Many people worry about a thief breaking into their home and stealing, say, a home computer or big-screen TV. However, with weak cybersecurity, thieves can take your banking information or even your Social Security number. They’ll use it to steal your life and financial future … if you let them. Stay Safe Online includes a mix of security tips for children and adults with discussions of tech advances and changing laws regarding cybersecurity.

Home Security by Home Depot

Home Depot has an information-packed YouTube channel that features many of their popular in-store products. If you’re picturing a lot of DIY painting and tile laying guides, you’re right. However, they also have a series of videos dedicated to home security. These videos describe, in layman-friendly terms, a variety of strategies for making your home more secure. These include:

  • smart daily habits that deter thieves
  • safety products for a kid-friendly home
  • recommendations for fireproof and waterproof safes to keep vital documents secure

and more!


All About Cybersecurity

If you want to become the family’s cybersecurity whiz, Packethacks offers a clear and easy-to-follow Cyber Security Course. Videos range from 5 to 10 minutes, letting you squeeze in learning around even a busy schedule. The course teaches basic principles, physical and perimeter security, password management, antivirus strategies and software, and how to safely back up your data.

Security Systems and You

True home security involves protecting your household physically and digitally. Being smart with your passwords and using antivirus software can help with one side of that equation. However, when it comes to protecting your house itself, nothing beats a comprehensive monitored home security system. Contact us at Protect America today to find out more and get a free quote.