Whether you have had a visual disability for most or all of your life, or have recently experienced a major loss in vision to the point of legal blindness, the biggest challenges come with navigating your environment and keeping your home safe from anyone who might take advantage of your disability. Fortunately, today, we live in a tech savvy world that can lessen many of life’s obstacles and turn them into something less like a hardship and more like a manageable inconvenience.


Unfortunately, many visually impaired persons, as well as disabled persons in general don’t fully take advantage of the technological resources that are currently available. According to the American Association of People with Disabilities, 57 million people in the U.S. have some type of disability, yet only about 10% take advantage of Smart Home Platforms, like the ones offered by Protect America that increase their level of convenience and independence. Most of the devices can be controlled through a mobile phone.

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    A spokesperson for the American Association of People with Disabilities states,

    “Smart homes offer tools for people with disabilities to live more independently, allowing them to take control—turn on and off lights, find out who knocks on the door,”

    Here are some options for the visually impaired.

    A Domotics Home

    Domotics  is a joining of the words domus (Latin for “house”) and robotics. Domotics  was first developed in the 1980s, where homes were built with the idea of modern functionalities to be built in by optimizing wiring systems with comfort, security and energy savings in mind. The proptype of one home was designed specifically for blind and deaf people, but the conveniences are also beneficial for the elderly and those with other disabilities.

    Some of the things that become possible with domotics include

    • opening and closing rolling shutters
    • controlling air conditioning
    • opening and closing gates
    • controlling lights
    • controlling surveillance

    Some homes designed for these services, and others need to be configured. At Protect America we have the tools to give you a similar experience in your home or business when you own your home or rent.

    Sonar Watch for Navigation

    Another idea that can help the blind at home as well as out in the world is a sonar smart watch that uses vibrations from sonar frequencies to help the blind determine how close or far away they are from objects in their environment. At Protect America we can work with your needs to set up smart navigation in your home that works with other items you may have to help you navigate through the world, such as a sonar watch or band.


    Monitored Security System

    Having a monitored security system, rather than one that is self-monitored is safer because it comes with the support you truly need in an emergency. With an unmonitored system, an alarm may sound and it becomes necessary to  react to the sound by contacting authorities or other emergency personnel, which could waste valuable time, and if you are confronted by an intruder, may not even be possible. With a monitored system from Protect America, if the alarm is triggered for something minor, you can cancel it and avoid an incident. If it isn’t we can take the next steps to  keep you safe and have authorities come to your home or business right away.

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    At Protect American we help make life more convenience not only for the blind, but for anyone who wants to feel safe and easily navigate through their home or business, Depending on your needs there are several kinds of smart home services and monitoring to choose from. Contact us to discuss your personal needs and to arrange a free quote.