Are you a sci-fi superfan who is obsessed with getting your hands on some of the future technologies you see in movies and on TV? Although, most of the high-tech gadgets from Star Trek may not yet exist, real-world technology has come a long way since the airing of the first Star Trek episode way back in 1966. Today, people have the ability to automate their homes in ways which would simply astonish the series’ original viewers.


The Right Automation For Your Home Needs to Work

There are tons of great ways to automate your home, but before buying anything you need to have a plan to get your automated devices to work. Remember that in a truly automated home, you don’t just only want each device to work well on their own, but the goal is to get all your devices in your home working together seamlessly.

The best way to have your automatic device communicating flawlessly with each is to install a hub. A hub is like an air traffic controller for all your automated devices. Without a hub, you won’t be able to connect different devices to work together to perform a simple task For example, with the right hub and smart devices, a motion detector in your bedroom can sense when you get out of bed and signal your smart coffee make to start brewing your morning coffee.

There are many hub options available today. The right hub for you depends on your budget and what you want your automation system to do. Tom’s Guide has a great overview of the most popular hubs on the market.

It Really Brightens Up the Place

After choosing the right hub for your home, most people immediately add some automated lighting. This is a natural first project as it simple to install and relatively inexpensive. With automated lighting, you can place your lighting on a timer, manually turn on and off your lights remotely from any internet connected device or pair your lights to other smart devices. Some smart light bulbs even give you the option of changing the color of the light to suit your mood.

There are two ways to automate your lighting. The simplest way is to use a wifi-enabled bulb and connect the bulb to your hub. While this is won’t take much time, it is much more expensive than installing a smart outlet and then plugging your light source into it. While a smart outlet is much cheaper, you will not have as many options as using a smart bulb.

Smart bulbs:

  • are expensive.
  • give you more options.

Smart outlets:

  • are much cheaper than smart bulb inexpensive
  • are usable for a variety of appliances
  • don’t provide as many options as smart bulbs

You can learn more about whether the smart outlet or smart bulb is a better option for you at How-To Geek.


Keep Your Home and Yourself Safe

A man’s home is his castle!

At the end of the day, your home needs to be able to keep you safe. Automating your house using smart technology can protect you and your family better than older security systems. Today it is possible to connect motion and sound detectors, video surveillance, automated texts and alarms into one complete home security system. You can rest easy when you know your home is always looking for everyone in your family.

Your home security system is critical to your well-being. It is important that the entire system is working correctly. That is why you should always let professionals install it. The people at Protect America are experts when it comes to home security. Before you install your home security system, call ProtectAmerica at 1-800-951-5190.