When you bring home a new baby, your first priority will be to keep your child safe. As a parent, you want your child to grow up in a loving, secure environment. Here are some pointers for making your home safe for your infant.

Household Hazards

To begin making your home safe for the baby, you should go room to room and inspect the space to locate any hazards. Remove any small objects that the baby could possibly choke on and secure all heavy furniture to the wall with safety brackets. Covers should also be put on top of any furniture pieces with sharp corners. To keep children out of any drawers or cabinets, install safety latches on each. Cords should be out of baby’s reach and any open outlets should be covered. Never leave a baby unattended—especially while in the tub. For all baby gear, register the product with the manufacturer. This allows you to be notified if there’s a recall on the item.

Home Detectors

Reliable smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are a must for any home with an infant. Alarms should be placed on each floor and outside all bedrooms. Monitored smoke alarms provide the best level of protection for your family. If the alarm is triggered, your home security provider is alerted and can ensure emergency personnel are dispatched to your residence. All monitors should be hard-wired and be able to work off battery power as well in case of power loss.

Motion Sensors

When you have an infant in the home, you want to have complete control over the space. You need to know of everyone’s comings and goings so that you can not only keep intruders out of the home, but also monitor any other children or pets that may try to sneak into the nursery. An instant text alert can be sent to your phone to let you know the sensor has been activated. Motion sensors can have their sensitivity adjusted and you could turn them on and off. Sensors can be placed both on doors and windows within any room of your home. The Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services also recommends using window locks with safety mechanisms and installing baby gates within a nursery and at the top of any stairways for extra security.

Baby Monitors

As part of your safe home, you will want to add a security camera to keep track of the infant no matter where you are. Indoor security cameras have features such as nighttime mode, two-way audio, and Wi-Fi access. The newest models have high-definition recording and the ability to remote tilt and zoom. A multi-room camera system allows you to keep track of your entire home on one convenient application.

Get a live feed of your baby from your smartphone whether you’re inside or away from the home.

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