Owning a lake house doesn’t come without responsibility. That’s why when owning a waterfront home you have to be proactive when it comes to the safety of you and your family.

Are you aware of all the potential dangers around your lake house?

Are you sure?

Here are five safety tips for keeping you and your family safe around your waterfront home.


1. Know the Hazards

Learn the hazards of your particular situation and take measures to correct or prevent them prior to allowing anyone to enter the property. For example, make sure everyone knows how to swim. Are there any wildlife hazards such as poisonous snakes, alligators, bears, coyotes, etc. that could pose a threat? Does the waterline contain jagged or slippery rocks or other potential hazards? Check the entire property for potential hazards and correct them before they turn into a problem, or worse—a tragedy!

2. Never Swim Alone

Owning a lake house usually includes swimming at some point. However, swimming is a known safety hazard if not handled properly.

  • Children should always be supervised.
  • Never swim alone or where boats operate.
  • Periodically conduct a swimming safety course.
  • Don’t trust a child’s life to another child. Always provide adult supervision.

3. Learn CPR

Learning CPR is good to know even if you don’t have a lake house but is imperative if you do. Why? Keep reading…

          According to the CDC, drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional death for children ages 1 to 14 years and the fifth leading cause for people of all ages.

Owning a lake house comes with the responsibility of making sure you, your family, and anyone who visits is kept safe. And, making sure you and everyone in your home knows exactly what to do in the event of an emergency. You can start by learning CPR then following that up with conducting other emergency or life-saving training.

4. Keep Safety Gear Nearby

Having and using safety gear when necessary could save a life. For example, make sure you have life preserver rings on hand, a first aid kit, eye wash, gauze and large bandages, goggles, a life raft, etc. You should also have posted the name, address and phone number of the nearest hospital and poison control center.

5. Install a Security System

Having a lakefront property opens you up to the potential of unwanted visitors who might come off the water by boat. That’s why it’s extremely important that you install a security system on your entire property so you can protect your family 24/7, day and night. Today’s security systems are very affordable, available as wired or wireless installations and allow you to monitor and receive real-time alerts on any mobile device. This will enable you to react to any given situation immediately before it turns into an actual incident.

What’s Next?

If you would like more information about protecting your lake house with a new security system, Contact Protect America today for a free quote.