Why do burglars choose one house over the next? Why is it that some homes are burgled multiple times and the one next door is never touched? The answer varies by burglar but in general, burglars need two things:

  • Low risk of getting caught
  • High opportunity to steal things that are easy to convert into cash

When it comes to choosing a target – home or business – burglars look for specific characteristics and then apply what they find to the level or risk they are willing to endure. The more desperate the burglar or the higher payoff (reward) the more risk they will endure.


The higher the odds are of getting caught or the lower the payoff, the less risk they will endure. In this blog, we talk about a few of the criteria that excite burglars.

What Burglars Look for When they Choose Their Targets

How does your home or business stack up to a burglar’s way of thinking?

They look for many things some of which include:

  • Dark areas – Areas that are dark at night or out of sight in the daytime are perfect venues for a burglar to break into a home or business. The risk of being seen or caught is much lower when there is an object that reduces visibility -such as darkness, etc.
  • Shrubs in front of windows – A yard that has high fences or a lot of landscaping helps burglars hide in plain sight. It also helps them approach your home with little risk of being seen which is a situation that reduces their risk of being caught. While landscaping is beautiful, it can also be a magnet for burglars. While trees and shrubs add privacy they also create opportunities for burglars. 
  • Doors that are not secured – Doors that are not locked ( yes, it happens) and doors that are not secure are easy entry points for anyone who wants to steal your stuff. Half of the challenge of being a burglar is getting into your house. An unsecured door or one that is easily overcome with force is an open invitation to be robbed. 
  • Lack of security cameras – Security cameras are a nightmare for burglars because they provide physical evidence that visually puts the burglar at the scene of the crime. However, not every security camera is created equal and some provide greater frustration for burglars. Those include cameras that have very sharp images, defenses that take more time and exposure to overcome, and security cameras that are properly installed so that one camera monitors the other. These increase the risk of a burglar being caught.

Low-risk, Big Rewards

Opportunities that provide low risk of being caught, such as those mentioned above encourage a burglar to target a home or business. When it comes to reducing your risk of being burgled there is a lot you can do. Start with a security assessment and look at your home or business from the perspective of a burglar. In so doing, you will find the risks and rewards that burglars use to evaluate your home for burgle worthiness. 


If you would like more help with reducing your home’s burgle-potential, visit our site for a free quote. We offer security services that increase the risks that burglars face when stealing your possessions and help you reduce their rewards. In short, we help you take your home of the to-burgle list.