In 2015, FBI statistics estimated that a property crime occurred every 3.9 seconds in the US, making a security system a vital aspect of home safety.

However, what many homeowners don’t realize is that a modern security system and certain traditional safety measures can boost the value of their homes, too. Here are a few tips for boosting home security and property value.


Update Traditional Safety Measures

Traditional safety measures like window replacements and steel door upgrades immediately improve energy efficiency while ramping up home security. Window replacements cost an estimated $15,282 for vinyl and $18,759 for wood with ROI’s of 73.9 and 73 percent respectively, according to data from

Consider getting reinforcing locks and motion sensor connected to a security system for added protection. Steel door upgrades can provide a 90.7 percent ROI with a $1413 investment. Furthermore steel doors come in many options such as burglar-proof and soundproof options for addition home security.

Install a Home Automation Network

Home automation systems get big props for giving homeowners complete control of their HVAC thermostat and lights remotely to curb energy bills. However, these devices can provide valuable extra security as well with features including:

  • Automated Locks—Smart locks will open and lock on command, and certain models send alerts any time the door is opened.
  • Window Sensors—Like doors, automated windows alert owners when they are ajar, providing added measures to keep homes secure while adding value.
  • Motion-Detecting Lights—Shed light on potential threats and ensure safe entry into the home after dark with motion sensor lighting additions.

A home automation network is a great foundation for installing a modern smart home security system.

Invest in a Home Security System

A monitored home security system is one of the best ways to improve the safety of property and residents, and it’s one of the most sought out home features today. These can be incorporated with home automation networks to provide maximum security even while owners are away. Popular benefits of modern home security systems include:


Alarm Systems—Alarm systems connected to a monitoring company can assist law enforcement in catching intruders in the act and boost property value, too. Non-monitored alarms can be effective in scaring intruders away quickly, but reliable systems should be monitored 24/7.

Security Cameras—Monitor the home indoors and outside even while away. Strategically placed cameras deter crime, bring homeowners peace of mind and are desirable assets for buyers. Security cameras can be synced with home automation systems so that owners can immediate alerts along with the ability to see what’s happening on their property using a smartphone, PC or tablet. These can also serve to watch the children while away or observe service providers in the home.

Emergency Detector Features—If water, smoke, carbon monoxide or natural gas is detected in the home, owners will be notified and can opt to contact the proper channels for assistance right away. As an added benefit, many home insurance companies offer generous discounts for the presence of these devices.


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