Do You Live Far From Your Parents?

If your elderly parents aren’t living in your house or right next-door, it can be tough to feel like you’re really able to keep an eye on them and ensuring their health and safety. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to “keep watch over them” — even from a distance:


Keeping an Eye on Elderly Parents From Afar

4 Things to Do

Follow these actions to ensure that your parents are healthy and happy even when you’re not there:

  • Set them up with good home security.

Start by making sure that your parents have great security on their home or apartment. You’ll want to ensure that cameras are installed at all entrances and that an alarm system is also put on their home to alert them of any unwanted visitors.

  • Make sure they each have a cell phone

You may assume that everyone (and their mother) has a cellphone! But this simply is not true — and especially when it comes to those who are elderly. It’s actually not uncommon for older adults to not own cell phones. If they do own them, they often leave them at home or alternatively, leave them in the car.

This can mean that cell phones aren’t there when they might need them the most. Moreover, they are often left uncharged, so they’re essentially useless even when they are needed.

Talk to your parents about how they should each have a cell phone, and they should know how to use them as well.

It’s a good practice that they also start carrying their cell phones around with them at all times.

  • Stay in touch when it comes to doctors’ appointments.

You don’t want to be a “mom” to your mom or dad, but you should also be aware of when they go to the doctor and what the doctor says at checkups and other important appointments. This may help to encourage your parents to continue to see the doctor and to follow their orders as well.

  • Make sure they have access to healthy foods.

Often, elderly people have trouble getting healthy foods — like fresh fruits and veggies. You can help your parents by either making sure they have transportation to a nearby farmers market or grocery store or by signing them up for a fresh foods monthly delivery service. Fresh From the Farm says this about their amazing delivery services:


We deliver organic fruits & vegetables fresh from our fields to your doorstep.

Home Security for Your Elderly Parents

Are you interested in home security for your elderly parents? This can be a great way to make sure that they are taken care of when you’re not exactly nearby. Having security around their home will keep burglars and others who would like to do harm at bay. Learn about the security options that Protect America offers, and get a free quote on security cameras and alarms by contacting us today!