Having a home security camera is a great way to protect your property and the people inside it. Having a camera on at least one external door can help you to see who is coming and going at any time, even if you aren’t in your home. It is also a great deterrent to criminals. If you were a burglar, would you break into a home if you saw a security camera pointed right at you?


Security Cameras at Home

While security cameras are great for keeping tabs on your home, many people worry about any legal ramifications about using them. However, this is generally not an issue. The majority of security cameras are used on the outside of the building, and this is usually legally safe for the owner. If the cameras are oriented so that they are filming your property, there is no legal case that can be made against them. If they are installed inside your home, they should not be in private spaces like a bathroom or guest bedroom.

Privacy Laws Can Get Tricky

As previously stated, a camera oriented to cover only your property is generally fine. However, there can be potential legal issues if the camera is oriented so that other people’s property is in full view. Generally, anything visible from your property or from the public street around it can be filmed without any legal consequences. However, there is a little thing called a reasonable right to privacy. That means that if your camera is filming an area that a person could reasonably assume is a private space in which they can expect to have privacy, it can cause legal problems.

Where could people reasonably expect to have privacy? These spaces may include inside their windows, even if those windows are visible from the street. In other words, don’t record what your neighbors are doing into their homes. That’s their private space. Your neighbors’ backyard may be another one, especially if they have a privacy fence. Putting an HD security camera on a tree so you can see behind their fence is a big no-no.

The Best Places for Cameras

Unless you really believe that something nefarious is happening on a neighbor’s property, there is little to no need to record or view what is happening there.

Since you don’t want to be caught up in any possible liabilities, it’s best not to have your camera angled so that it can see into their yards or homes. To protect your own property, just keep the angle and view within your own property for extra security at home.

Inside the home, keep the cameras to areas like the living room and entryways. That way, the cameras are clearly visible to those who walk in, and there is no reason to believe they may infringe on the privacy of anyone you have in your home. Here’s a quick review of great spots:

  • Front door- inside and/or out
  • Back door- inside and/or out
  • Master bedroom closet – many people keep their valuables there, and burglars know this
  • The living room- many of your valuable electronics are there

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