Starting from scratch is often the best way to get started with home automation. When building a home, you can be sure to hard wire all of your automation in. By integrating the system from the start, you can build an attractive, streamlined smart home.

Make a List of the Features You Want

Begin by figuring out exactly which features you want on a home. If there’s ever been anything that you consider inconvenient, now is the perfect time to address it.

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Some popular features include:

  • Automatically locking doors. Doors can lock themselves on a schedule to prevent intrusion. This is especially useful if you often find yourself locking doors, and it’s a frequent feature in a comprehensive security system.
  • Managing the temperature. Smart thermostats are able to control the temperature in your home, either based on a schedule or through an adaptive algorithm that learns based on your comfort and energy use.
  • Connecting to your garage door. You can open and close your garage door with the push of a virtual button; by using your smartphone, you can make sure your garage door is closed from anywhere in the world.
  • Using your entertainment system. Streaming services, music, television, and movies can all be connected to by using your smartphone or, often, through verbal signals. You can tell your television what to play, and control your music on-the-fly.
  • Adjusting your lighting. Get light of any temperature or brightness with a smart system, which can adjust your home to mood lighting based on what you watch or change your lighting gradually throughout the day.

These are only a few of the features available; there are numerous smart features available for any homeowner.

Connect With Your Builder

Your builder will need to work with you to install the above home features. You may want to create a hub and connect an array of different systems, or you may be able to find an all-in-one solution that has all of the features you need.

If you want it to be a simple and easy install, you may want to consider starting with a security system first. Videos, doors, garage doors, and alarm sensors — many of the best automated features are already included in an alarm package. Many smart alarm companies can also integrate other services, to give you a complete, all-in-one resource.

There are benefits to using a single, consolidated system: it’s easier to troubleshoot, less likely to develop integration problems, and can be upgraded all at once as needed.

The Benefits of a Smart Home

Smart homes are beneficial in a few ways. They improve your property values as well as the desirability of your property, making your property easier to sell later on. Smart homes also reduce your energy and utility bills, which means they’ll save you money long-term; if you want to reduce your monthly expenditures, investments in things such as smart thermostats can be the right way to do it. Further, a smart home is more convenient and comfortable to live in, making it easier to complete day-to-day tasks.

If you’re about to build a home, there are a lot of benefits to making it a smart home. Smart homes are more desirable, valuable, and convenient. But you might need some extra help as well, to get the home packed with all the features you want. For more information, contact Protect America