Are you on the hunt for a new home but want to make sure you are moving into a safe neighborhood?  Here are a few items to keep in mind while visiting all those open houses.  You don’t have to be a millionaire to be able to afford a safe home, just be street savvy.

Gated Communities Stop the Criminals Before They Enter

Whether you are looking at an apartment complex or a single-home subdivision, a gate and roaming security guards are some of the best deterrents to discouraging individuals who are looking to invade your home and steal your property. But, that level of protection isn’t available to everyone, so let’s check out some more cost-effective tips.

Tall Hedges Offer Hiding Spots For You And The Bad Guys

Mature plantings are always a great selling point, but if those shrubs are blocking your living room window from prying eyes on the street, they are also shielding a burglar while they work at smashing a window to gain entry.  Unless a fence is alarmed, it should not block your neighbor’s view of your front door and street facing windows.

Do The Neighbors Have Security Systems?

Take a look down the street and look for those badges in the windows.  The more homes that advertise they are protected by a commercial security system, the more cameras there are taking pictures of any unsavory individuals.  Criminals will avoid your entire street, even if it is in a less popular part of town. Of course, you will want to install your own security system when you move in.

Cracked Windows Are An Invitation To Trouble

A single broken window sends several messages to a criminal who is casing your home:

  • Nobody is paying attention to your property
  • If there is broken glass, there is likely a broken lock
  • If the homeowner doesn’t want to pay for a simple repair, they are not likely to have monitored security

So, if the houses next to the one you are considering purchasing are in need of some TLC, it might be an indication of bad things to come.

Streetlights Illuminate Shadowy Characters

Are all the streetlights working on the street of the new house? That can be an indication that the city or town is skimping on the budget, not just for standard repairs, but also for police patrols. While your new home should have motion-activated lights on the front porch and garage, the whole neighborhood can chase away unwanted activity when every corner is well lit.

Is There A Security System In the New House?

You might notice that there is a defunct keypad by the front door. Of course, a monitored security system will always increase the level of protection and peace of mind in any home. But newer systems now offer an option where you can connect the system to your smartphone, increasing its versatility and function. Protect America offers affordable systems that you install yourself and combine that with a 24/7 monitoring center ready to notify the police when your alarm is triggered.

For more information about home security options for your new home, give the folks at Protect America a call today.