While a church is a place of worship and praise, it’s also a huge target for criminals. Think about it: it’s quiet, unsuspecting, and filled with valuable items. Learn how to protect your church by reading this guide of the top security systems for today’s churches.

Security Cameras

With so many people in and out Sunday morning (and other days of the week, too), it’s a good idea to set up security cameras at each and every entrance and exit. This will ensure that you’ll have an eye out at all times — even when the ushers and other dignitaries of the church are busy or not looking.

We recommend placing cameras in all of the following areas as well:

  • Over the congregation, with a full view and good angle
  • Consider placing multiple cameras if the congregation area is large
  • Over the tithe / donation box
  • In every classroom, especially if there is a childcare area or Sunday school
  • Kitchen
  • Storage rooms and areas
  • Halls (especially if parishioners store their purses and coats in the halls during the sermon)

Placing multiple cameras will capture footage of any wrongdoing that you could hand over to the police, if need be. It’s also a good idea to lock up all expensive items (iPads, PCs, TVs, ceremonial items, and etc.). Good security should not rely on cameras alone.

Good security should not rely on cameras alone.

Security Systems

Every church should have a proper security system. While there are many options out there, we’d like to focus on the elements that every security system should have, and how the elements relate to church security.

Invest in a door alarm (once again, for every entrance and exit) and professional response system for intruders. Well-rounded alarm systems can detect a break in and set off an alarm as well as alert a professional monitoring agent. The authorities should also be contacted after you’re contacted, to avoid any mix-ups and to ensure that the break-in is real. Having a professional monitoring system is the single best way to protect your church — after all, having only security cameras won’t alert the authorities.

It’s also a good idea to link your security cameras up to a tablet, laptop, or smartphone. Linking your camera footage up to a mobile device allows you to keep an eye out even when you’re away from the church. A good security system will also have audio capability, making it so you can even hear what’s going on at all times.

Other Tips to Protect Your Church

Want even better security? Consider doing these things to really tighten the security of your church:

  • Place a security camera in the parking lot(s) to effectively monitor any possible car break ins while church is in session.
  • Set up an additional camera or two when holding special events such as potlucks, baptisms, and graduation parties. Keep in mind that a criminal could very well be attending one of these events, looking to grab a purse or another valuable item.
  • Go wireless. Ditch the cords and set up a true wireless security system that’s just as effective as its wired counterparts.

A Total Home Security System

Ready to protect your church with a full security system? Call 1-800-951-5190 for a free, no-obligation quote from Protect America. We’ll walk you through the process and get you started for as little as $19.99 per month.