Amazon’s Alexa makes it easy to play songs, get answers to your questions and even control wifi-enabled devices with just your voice. If you already have an Echo in your home why not add the convenience and safety of Alexa-compatible smart door locks to your home’s security system?

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    But I Don’t Have an Echo at Home!

    So, you don’t have an Echo yet? What’s wrong with you? Just kidding

    Actually, there are many ways you can access Alexa without needing to purchase a new device from Amazon.  You can access Alexa through a variety of non-Amazon devices including these cool options:

    What Are the Benefits of Alexa-Controlled Locks?

    Now that you have access to Alexa, you may be wondering what are some of the benefits of installing a smart lock in your home? I am glad you asked.

    First and foremost, a lock needs to protect your home from uninvited guests. Smart locks are ideal protection because instead of having a keyhole which thieves can pick, smart locks use highly encrypted digital access codes which is almost impossible to crack. In addition to helping to foil thieves, you will never worry about forgetting to lock your door since a smart lock allows you to lock and unlock your doors remotely giving you peace of mind. Installing an Alexa-controlled lock on your door will even allow you to let in a family member or guest without having to be at home. You can even provide workers access to your house without giving them a key.

    Smart locks are a great choice for everyone but are particularly useful for seniors and disabled people. No longer will they need to fumble for their keys or struggle to open the door. When you combine a smart door lock with a wifi-enabled security camera, you can see who is at the door before unlocking it from anywhere in your home.

    Which Smart Lock Should I Buy?

    There are so many smart locks on the market. I am so confused!

    You don’t need to be feel confused when it comes to choosing the best Alexa-controlled smart lock for your home. While there are many choices, a good way to choose the best lock for your home is to speak with a security professional like Protect America. The team members at Protect America are experts when it comes to keeping homeowners and their property safe.

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      Out of the hundreds of Alexa-controlled smart locks on the market, Protect America recommends:


      • The complete range of August Locks. August Locks allow you to not only provide remote entry to your home but they can automatically keep track of the time people arrive and leave the house meaning no more kids sneaking in after curfew. There are even multiple accessories you can add to make your smart lock from August Locks more functional.
      • Do you want the simplicity of using a passcode to access your home while still having the option of using Alexa? Kwikset offers a range of Alexa-enabled smart locks which also feature a no-hassle keypad including the SmartCode Deadbolt or the Z-Wave SmartCode Electronic Touchpad Deadbolt

      Before you replace the currently lock on your front door with just any lock, consider an Alexa-enabled smart lock You can find out more about protecting your family and property by calling the whole-home security experts at 1-800-951-5190.