Criminals are becoming more and more brazen and continually coming up with new tactics in which to trick and deceive their victims. So this begs the question, are you and your family safe in and around your home?

Most people are complacent when it comes to their home security because they have developed a certain comfort level and this is what could ultimately spell disaster. No one wants to live in fear; however, staying aware of the ever-changing tactics criminals are using to commit their crimes will help you take the necessary steps to protect your home and your family.

Here are the four most common burglary tactics today’s criminals are using to trick and deceive their victims.


Using Your Pets to Case Your Home

Criminals look for dogs that are left outside this indicates there are no dogs inside, making it easier for them to break in. Similarly, criminals also look for houses where cats are present because people with cats often leave their windows open and disable their alarms so their cats can move about freely.

Litter Left On Your Property

If you see any type of litter on your property, immediately dispose of it because criminal scouts commonly leave trash indicators on your property. Things such as cans, lids, bags, or any other type of litter on your property could have been left there by a criminal scout as a signal to another criminal that your house has been deemed to have something of value and is a prime target for a break-in.

Business Cards and Ad Flyers

Never take flyers or business cards from a random person who approaches you at your home, or anywhere else for that matter.
Criminals have been known to lace legitimate business looking handouts with chloroform or another substance that once it’s absorbed by your skin, it causes you to pass out at which time that criminal will rob you of your money and your keys and those keys will give him access to your home and your family.

This particular criminal tactic has also been used on the mail that’s in your mailbox, although this is not as common. So be aware of this and either wear gloves when bringing in your mail or bring the mail into your house and lock the door before going through it so you are at least protected if it has been altered by a criminal.

Power Outages

Be aware during a power outage. Some criminals plan an attack, then wait for the power to go out, especially if prior notice has been given by the electric company that the power was going to be off for a given period of time. Some criminals also try to force a power outage by damaging a power line which is just another way to render you helpless, unless you have an alarm company who uses wireless cellular monitoring.

The Benefits of Today’s Home Security Systems

  • Motion and entry sensors (wireless and intelligent).
  • Indoor and outdoor video surveillance systems with real-time access via an app on your mobile device.
  • Home automation features such as door locks, lights, thermostat controls, garage door controls which you can use remotely via an app on your mobile device.
  • Smoke detection.
  • Night vision.
  • Two-way audio with built-in mic and speaker so you can hear what’s happening and respond through the app.
  • Intrusion detection with professional monitoring available.
  • Easy DIY installation.


The Importance of a Monitored Home Security System

You might think you don’t need a monitored alarm system, but nothing could be further from the truth. Criminals are getting more creative and their behavior even more dangerous than ever.

Spending a few dollars a month to protect your family could ultimately save your family’s life so don’t put off your decision to have a home security system installed today and get a free quote from Protect America.