The shift beyond the 1080p full HD resolution has begun, and the 4K home security cameras are redefining the home and business surveillance.

Surveillance cameras are not a new element in home security systems. But the low resolution coupled with poor video footages captured often makes it impossible to identify the intruders clearly especially during the night.

Compared to the 1080p resolution cams, the new 4K cameras promise obscenely sharp and clear images, high fps, and wider viewing angles irrespective of the time.


Things to Consider When Choosing 4K Home Security Cameras

WiFi Connectivity

Although not all 4K cameras can connect to the WiFi, you want to buy a unit with capabilities more than an SD. That way, the camera can integrate easily with the rest of the wireless security system.

Night Vision

A camera without night vision isn’t a security camera. Night vision is an important consideration when choosing 4K cameras.

Frames per Second

Yes, the camera can shoot 4K but how many frames per second (FPS)? Some 4K cameras have been designed to shoot at 25/30 fps. Others premium-priced units will go as high as 60 fps.


Capturing 4K videos can take up lots of storage space and the camera’s internal memory may not be sufficient. Make sure you buy a 4K camera with SD support.

Viewing Angle

Although 4K security cams offer a wide viewing angle by default, it’s important to check the viewing angle. Confirm it can monitor the desired monitoring area, say the porch, the front door or garage.

Performance in Adverse Conditions

Not every 4K IP security camera will capture high quality images in every setting. Some images may be extremely dark and others so bright that you can barely see the details. WDR 4K security cameras are the solution to this shortcoming.

Your 3 Best Options for 4K Home Security Cameras

Lorex 4K (8MP) IP Security Camera

Lorex 8MP 4K IP Camera is designed to guarantee improved video footage. It comes with a variety of impressive features such as;

  • POE enabled meaning easy power over Ethernet installation
  • Wide angle lens (88°) for an extended view
  • Weatherproof to withstand outdoor weather elements
  • Has night vision for use in low lit conditions
  • Intelligence video compression capabilities that save storage space

IWD Ultra HD 4K Security Camera

This camera is a pioneer in the surveillance industry. IWD 4K Security cam promises vivid resolution and true performance in low lit settings. The camera has;

  • Ultra HD 4K resolution (8MP) for the super bright images
  • Rugged full metal construction that makes it weatherproof
  • Infrared night vision
  • Advanced viewing features with remote viewing

Samsung WDR 4K Box IP Network Security Cam

Samsung is yet another company with a high quality WDR 4K IP camera. This camera records sharp images and videos both day and night. It offers a couple of amazing properties that include the following;

  • 4K at 4000×3000 resolution for ultra-sharp images
  • 12MP/8MP camera (20-30fps)
  • Night vision
  • 2-way voice support
  • Motion, audio, face detection
  • Wide range
  • Intelligent video analytics


Monitored Home Security or Unmonitored Home Security?

Unsure if to invest in unmonitored or monitored home security? We can tell you why monitored home security is your best bet.

In monitored home security, your home security system is connected to a central monitoring station of a professional security company like Protect America.

So in the event of an emergency, say a home break-in or fire breakout, your system sends signals to the monitoring station. In turn, the monitoring station notifies the police of a possible danger in your home. On the other hand, an unmonitored security system will detect a break-in but won’t alert the authorities.

Protect Home and Family with Professionally Monitored Home Security

Founded in 1992, Protect America is a national home security company. We’re the 14th largest residential security company in the US dedicated to offering affordable monitored home security for homes and families. Protect America is a direct-consumer company and upon sign a contract, we ship free security equipment worth up $1400. After that, we guide you through the simple DIY installation process for free. If you find a better dealer elsewhere, let us know, and we’ll match it.