The best security system is one that works well, and in order to make sure it’s giving the homeowner what they want it’s got to be reliable. But it has to do something else, too — it has to provide the homeowner with all of the protection they need in each and every location. That doesn’t mean a number of different houses, but a number of locations in the house where the system is installed.

One of the devices that can be integrated this way is a smoke detector. Called addressable smoke detectors, these are set up to work with a central control panel instead of on their own. This makes it easier to see which of the detectors was activated, where it’s located, and how to handle the issue it has detected faster and more efficiently than other types of smoke detectors. Homeowners many to make sure they’re protected in the best way possible, and that can also help give them the peace of mind they’re looking for.


Smoke Detectors Are Important and Can Save Lives

All houses really should have smoke detectors, because they save both lives and property. Not every home has these, and in some cases the batteries no longer work. Newer systems are often hard-wired into the home’s electrical system, but older homes don’t have that feature. A home can be retro-fitted for hard-wired smoke alarms, but that can be expensive and not every homeowner can afford it or wants to address the issue at that level.

Now, smoke detectors are also often being wired into security systems, so that everything can be handled all in one place. From a central control panel, these types of smoke detectors can be controlled and identified.

That way a homeowner can quickly see if there’s a fire or a problem with smoke in a certain area of the home, instead of simply hearing that the smoke alarm is going off and trying to determine where that alarm is located. The faster response times that come along with addressable smoke detectors can mean less fire damage and a lower chance of loss of life.

Why Choose a Smoke Detector That’s Addressable?

With the right security system, addressable smoke detectors provide a number of benefits that can’t be had with other types of smoke detectors. This is an important issue to pay close attention to, since a smoke detector can be one of the most significant items in a home. The benefits of addressable detectors can include:

  • quickly identifying which detector has been triggered
  • having control of the detectors from a central panel
  • having hard-wired detectors that will provide security
  • raising the level of peace of mind given to the homeowner

Addressable detectors are not necessarily any better at detecting smoke or flames, but when a homeowner can find the source of the problem faster the risk of serious problems is reduced.


Working With a Security Company to Get More Value

By choosing a monitored home security company that’s going to work with the homeowner on a consistent basis, it’s much easier to feel good about peace of mind and other factors. Additionally, having the right level of security isn’t just about avoiding break-ins and burglaries. It’s also about protecting the home from natural and man-made disasters as much as possible. Addressable smoke detectors are a big part of how to do that, and when homeowners take them seriously they can get more value from their security company’s offerings. That’s a great way to focus on the truly best option for any homeowner to enjoy.

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