It’s wonderful to have a security system, but like anything else there’s a possibility that the system will occasionally fail or have trouble. Knowing how to reset it or correct issues is one of the best ways for a homeowner to ensure that they are always as protected as possible. The best security system is one that works right all the time, and that includes the sensors that are a part of that system.

One of these is the glassbreak sensor — which is a popular option for companies like ADT and others. This sensor is designed to let a homeowner know if someone breaks a window, so they can be alerted to the problem and the security company can notify authorities in a timely manner. When that red light comes on, it’s time to take a closer look at the sensor itself.

Glassbreak Sensors Are an Important Part of Home Security

There are a lot of great ways to have a more secure home, and glassbreak sensors are among those ways. They let a homeowner know when someone breaks glass, usually in a window. But there are front and rear doors that have glass in them, as well, along with patio or sliding doors that also need to be protected.

Anything making a high-pitched sound like glass breaking will set off one of these sensors, so they need to be adjusted the right way. Then the homeowner can feel confident that the sensor is working the properly, and that it will provide the safety and security they’re looking for.

But like other parts of a home security system, these glassbreak sensors can fail, have problems, or not work the way they should — and when that happens they should be adjusted right away so they continue to protect the house properly.

Red Lights Generally Mean Trouble That Should be Addressed

With the right security system a homeowner can feel safe, but that doesn’t guarantee that the system will work correctly all the time. Red lights, for example, mean there’s an issue. The best way to address a ADT glassbreak sensor with a red light is to consider some of the options that can fix it, including:

  • Resetting the sensor
  • Resetting the system
  • Readjusting where the sensor is placed
  • Replacing any batteries in the sensor or system
  • Replacing the sensor

While that may not fix the issue, it’s generally best to do as much as possible before replacing a sensor. They aren’t terribly expensive, but they can add up over time — and there are usually ways to fix them or get them working again that don’t require a complete sensor replacement. Batteries are a common culprit, and so are glitches or small power surges that require sensors or the alarm system to be reset. Trying the simplest and least expensive things first is generally always a good idea.


Is It Time for a Different Security Company Option?

If a homeowner is struggling with a lot of faulty or problematic glassbreak sensors for their ADT system, they may want to consider choosing a company that they are more comfortable with. That doesn’t always make a difference, but it certainly can. Additionally, homeowners may want to stay with ADT and they will need to work through the concerns they have over the glassbreak sensor problems. By working with the company and addressing the problems these sensors can cause, as well as learning how to get them working again quickly and efficiently, homeowners can stay protected and have peace of mind.

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