Many people have ADT home security alarm systems in their homes. The problem with the ADT alarm service is that it can sometimes have issues that require people to do some research to figure out. People must contend with several potential issues. Dealing with them isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Here is a quick ADT home security alarm troubleshooting guide.

If Unsure, Consult the Manual and Security Company

If the alarm misbehaves or acts up, it’s not always advisable to go on a DIY journey to figure it out. Check out the manual for common problems and troubleshooting solutions for them. If there’s no manual, all is not lost.

People can save some time and effort by contacting their security company. Doing so allows the person to learn what the company knows about the issue and how they would go about fixing it or preventing it. With that information, the person will know what to do the next time the problem occurs.

The Internet is Friend to All

A little online research can help someone discover websites, forums, videos, and manuals for their specific ADT device(s).  Many home security companies also list troubleshooting methods and answers to frequently asked questions regarding the systems they sell or install. Internet searches benefit from knowing the specific model of an ADT system.

The ADT website itself lists a tremendous amount of troubleshooting Q&As that can help. It answers such questions as:

  • How to reset the keypad after an alarm
  • Where to find a copy of the owner’s manual
  • What events can cause issues for the system
  • What causes a trouble signal
  • Identifying battery issues

And, those are just a handful of the things found there.

Learn the Troubleshooting Routine

It can help for people to develop habits with their home security system to make sure everything is operating properly.

Check the doors and windows

If windows are open and doors are ajar, the system won’t arm. Alternatively, the system will arm and generate false alarms.

See if the control panel has information

Many issues with the home security system will reflect in an icon or message on the control panel. The panel itself can have issues it will alert homeowners to.

For example, a message indicating no power or a dying battery icon may appear. The panel may also show that it can’t arm which can mean there’s an issue with a sensor or a window is open.

Try to reset the panel

The control panel will have an option for resetting. Performing a reset can often wipe away a false alarm or get the system back to performing as normal.

Check on the other pieces of equipment

Take a look at the sensors and other equipment. Make sure they’re facing the right directions and are operable.

Things Outside the Homeowner’s Control

It’s possible to have a fully operational ADT home security alarm system, but a faulty outside connection. In some cases, the phone company can have issues or even the security company’s network panel can create problems. Call the relevant places if issues persist.

A breakdown in communication between the security system and the outside can render the system pointless to have. Changing phone providers without making changes to the security system can cause issues as well. Some systems tie into cellular service or home network configurations. The same rules apply for these as well.

Invest in a More Robust Monitored System

Not all ADT plans include monitoring. Even of those that do, there are often caveats in how it works. A monitored system can help when there’s an issue with a home security system. That issue will create an alarm that goes to a home security company.

A lack of a signal also creates an alarm. That means that when you are troubleshooting your alarm, you will have to coordinate with your home security company. For this you’re going to want a security company that always has a tech support representative available. Don’t get stuck on hold, go with a security company that cares.

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