In 2010, there were more than 9 million reported property crimes throughout the US alone.

While property crimes along with violent crimes have steadily been on the decline in the past decade, it is important to note the rise in home security and protection. Millions of Americans each year are investing even more in both residential and commercial home security systems. Choosing the right home security company to represent you while protecting you and your family is one of the biggest decision to make as a homeowner and provider. Taking the time to compare and research various security providers you are interested in working with is highly advisable to ensure you are getting the protection you need.

ADT Home Security Pulse

ADT Pulse is one of ADT’s latest innovations introduced to their home security services. ADT Pulse focuses on home automation, making home security even easier than ever, With ADT Pulse, track and monitor your entire home from just about anywhere with the use of a computer or your smartphone. Implement live video feeds, motion detectors, and even alerts when you receive visitors in front of your home or on your property’s porch. Keep track of all cameras in your home with a few buttons and simple steps once you have the ADT Home Security Pulse system installed.

ADT Pulse Features

ADT Pulse specializes in home automation, which is one of the biggest features and draws of the service itself. With Pulse, arm and disarm your alarm remotely while also unlocking doors and windows with a simple button. Utilizing digital picture frames and manage video, media, and other recordings from your ADT Pulse setup using your smartphone from any location. Control the lighting and any thermostat you have installed in your home using ADT’s Pulse technology. ADT Pulse is ideal for those who are interested in a fully-automated home security system with all of the bells and whistles the latest technology has to offer. ADT’s Pulse is also optimal for individuals who prefer keeping an eye on their home and property at all times with the use of smartphones and computers.

When you choose to go with ADT Pulse, it is important to research fees, costs, and contractual agreements you are bound to before making a decision. Most ADT security plans require consumers to sign a standard 3 to 5-year contractual agreement, locking you into your rate and the type of security protection you are eligible to receive throughout the duration of the contract itself. Before you choose a home security provider that is right for you and your family it is important to determine the investment you are willing to make and whether or not a long-term contract works for you (based on your moving plans and current financial situation).

Protect America Home Security Equipment and Plans

One way to implement a home security system that also integrates home automation without extended contractual agreements is to work with Protect America. With Protect America, choose the type of equipment that works best for you and your home to avoid overpaying for your services while also investing in equipment you simply do not need. Spend time working with a representative of Protect America to learn more about your options and to create an entirely unique and individualized security system that works for you financially and protects all areas of your property, both inside and out.

If you are interested in a reliable and affordable home security system, Protect America is available to get your home up and running with protection in no time. When you choose Protect America as your home security provider, select equipment individually and opt to install the services you are interested in on your own without paying for professional installation. Most installations are completed within 30 to 60 minutes while speaking with a professional representative over the phone, allowing you to skip waiting for an appointment and not having any control over the placement of your security equipment.


Want to learn more about a home security system that is just right for you and your family? Contact Protect America to get your free quote and to learn more about security setups we have available for you today!