2018 Update

Although nearly a year old, all of the information in this article is still relevant. Added a temporary code to your security system can be very helpful, scroll down to find out how. 

How often have you left the code for your ADT alarm system for the babysitter or perhaps a repair service and then wished that you didn’t have to share this crucial piece of your home security with anybody? You don’t have to since it is possible to create a temporary code that allows a visitor to arm and disarm your system–without ever calling the customer support line.

At Your Keypad

  • Enter *5 and your master code–this is likely not the code you use to arm and disarm the system. The master code is given to you when the system is installed and used only for programming purposes.
  • Look for the program light or indicator on your panel
  • Enter a two-digit number that will be the temporary “person”
  • Press * and hold until the panel beeps
  • Enter the four-digit code that will be the temporary code
  • Press # and hold until the panel beeps

Exit out of the system by pressing the # key and then test the new four-digit code to arm and disarm the system.   Your new temporary code is now activated.  Hand it off to be used by anybody that you only want to allow access to your home on a limited basis.

On the Web Portal

You can also update your system through the web portal associated with your ADT account. This can be easier, as it is more user-friendly.  Log in to your account at the ADT website.

  • Click on the System tab
  • Find Access Codes on the page and click
  • You will see a list of codes that are currently in use and the names of the different people they are assigned to
  • At the bottom, click Add Access Code
  • In the Name field enter in the name or description–like babysitter, maintenance, or the name of your friend.
  • Click on the drop-down menu and select if you want them to be a guest, arm-only, duress, or standard
  • Enter in the new four-digit alarm code, once in each box to verify its accuracy
  • Enter your password associated with your account on the website
  • Hit Save

Under the Access Codes list you will now see the new temporary code listed along with all other codes on your account.  Test the new code by arming and disarming the system.


Deleting the Code After

After your guest has left or the service company has completed the project, remember to delete the temporary code.  On the website, go to the Access Code page and simply click on the “X” at far right and it will ask you if you want to delete that code. Never delete the standard duress codes. 

On your keypad, press *5 and your master code. Enter the two-digit code, press *, and then the four-digit code you wish to erase.  Press the star (*) button again and hold it down until the panel beeps. The temporary code is now erased. Of course, you may have a different system. Check your user manual for complete directions.

If you have an old panel that is unable to be programmed with a temporary code, it might be time to upgrade to a new system from Protect America.

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