Imagine you’re away on a dream vacation with your family when you come home to find that your entire house is empty. At some point during your trip, while you were sipping Mai Tais by the pool or learning how to serve with your kids, someone broke into your home. He or she got away with everything, from a very expensive entertainment center to the priceless ring that your wife’s grandma gave her when she was a little girl. Some items were replaceable, but others were not. This is a devastating scene that could have been prevented.

Like Rand Beers, former Deputy Homeland Security Advisor said, ‘the precondition to freedom is security.’


Get A Monitored Security System

If you would have had a monitored home security system, you would have been notified of the break-in as it happened and the police would have taken care of it right then and there.  You would have come home to the house exactly as you had left it with everything intact. To prevent this sort of thing from happening again, you finally decide to get an ADT alarm.

When you have the right tools, you will rest easy knowing that your home and family are safe well-protected. It is an even better feeling knowing that you can provide this safety with the touch of a button.  Of course, there’s no point in having the alarm system unless you make sure to set it every night before you head to bed, or at least before you leave the house.

Setting An ADT Alarm

How to set your ADT alarm system is dependent on the model you installed. Each one has its own instructions to follow. Regardless of model, however, you should always begin by making sure that all doors and windows are shut and locked. From there, follow these steps for each model:

  • Ademco 4110 – Type in your security code and then press “Instant,” which is also the number 7 on the keypad. When the alarm beeps 3 times and the “Alarmed” light turns red, the alarm has been activated. You can walk the house freely, but if you open any door or window, the alarm will go off.
  • DSC Power 832 Version 2 – This alarm has motion detectors, so make sure that there is no activity in the areas that you want to be monitored. When the “Ready” light is on, you can type in your security code. If you enter the code incorrectly, an alarm will sound and you will need to press the pound key to start over. If you enter the code correctly, you will hear a rapid beeping and the “Armed” light will appear. Once the setup is complete, you’re free to move around the house, but if a door or window is opened, the alarm will sound.
  • Safewatch EZ – To set the alarm, hit the “Stay” button. After blinking for 1 minute, it will just stay on.  The “Armed” light will also come on and now you know that the alarm has been activated. Once completed, you’re free to move around the house. If a door or window is opened, however, the alarm will go off.
  • Simon XT – On the keypad, press the button, “Doors + Windows.”  Enter in your security code.  With the correct code, the “Doors + Windows” light will come on and you will hear it say “Doors and windows on.” You will also hear a series of beeps. This will indicate that the alarm. You are free to move around the house, but when a door or window is opened, the alarm will sound.


Contact A Professional

For more information on monitored home security, contact Protect America. The amazing team will be able to answer any questions you might have a provide a free quote.