Without an alarm system, a burglar could easily open your door or window by breaking the glass or picking the lock. Adding a security system could stop the intruder in his tracks. With certain types of sensors, any interruption will cause the alarm to go off and the security company will be alerted. There are several different options that you can look for when you decide to make your home a safer place.


Wireless Home Security Systems

Wireless systems use sensors and motion detectors around the house, which is monitored by a control panel placed in a centralized location. Usually, the control panel is next to the front door for easy access when you enter or leave. In addition to a control panel, smart home security systems can be controlled by your mobile devices, such as tablets, phones, or laptops. With wireless connections, your security company can utilize the internet or Wi-Fi to monitor your home for intrusions.

Wired Home Security Systems

Wired systems are connected from the control panel to sensors. The wires are concealed in the walls, floors, and attic spaces. It typically performs the same job as a wireless system. One advantage of a wired security system is that it usually houses a safe-like box that is housed in a separate area of the house.


Windows and Door Sensors

Windows and door sensors are pretty similar for both wired and wireless systems. There are several types of sensors.

  • Passive Infrared Detectors – These are the most common for home and business owners. These sensors detect changes in the environment when an intruder enters the room. Infrared detection will not pass through glass, so you won’t need to worry about animals passing by.
  • Ultrasonic – These sensors detect changes using high-frequency sound waves.
  • Microwave Detectors – Similar to ultrasonic detection except microwaves use radio waves instead of sound waves.
  • Magnetic switches – This type of sensor is normally placed on windows and doors. It comes in 2 parts: the magnet and the transmitter. When the 2 are misaligned, the sensor will send a signal to the control panel that there is a break in the transmission.
  • Photoelectric – Transmits infrared beams of light. If an intruder passes through the beams, an alarm will sound.

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