The best security system is one that works the way it’s supposed to and does what a homeowner needs it to do. In many cases that includes integration from a smart home perspective. In other words, the more devices are integrated with one another, and the more components can work together, the better the security of the overall system. There are several options for getting great security — and one of those options is the integration of Alexa and Hive.


With these two systems working together, a homeowner can really feel confident in the security of their home and whether their systems can protect them from common difficulties they might otherwise face. But integration can take time and effort. It’s not always that easy to do, and in some cases there are systems that simply don’t work well together. That all has to be considered when it comes to getting a security system up and running, because it’s important to remember that integrating systems is something that needs to be planned for and addressed the right way in order to see success.

Integration Can Mean More Features and More Protection

There are a lot of advantages to integration of Alexa and Hive. More features and protection are big benefits, but Hive works to provide more comfort, too. With Hive controlling a homeowner’s central heating and air conditioning system along with lights and other features, and Alexa voice-controlling Hive, simple changes and adjustments can be easily made.

In order to link Alexa and Hive, set them both up in the home. Then ask Alexa to discover devices. When she finds Hive she will link to it, so the homeowner has voice control for the Hive system.


Alexa can also link with security systems, in order to create a higher level of true smart home that a homeowner can rely on. Then features, comfort, and protection are all tied to one wireless system that can be voice controlled. It’s a great way to add to peace of mind, and an excellent way to test the limits of what smart home technology can do. Over time, more and more will be possible when devices are linked to one another.

Why Choose the Hive and Alexa Combination?

With the right security system, coupled with Hive and Alexa, a homeowner can take their home’s abilities to the next level. There are a number of great reasons to choose the combination of Hive and Alexa, including:

  • These devices integrate well with one another
  • Both devices have been tested for compatibility
  • Comfort and voice control are both part of a smart home
  • More devices will link up to these two in the future
  • Convenience is an important part of having peace of mind

No matter how much a homeowner uses Alexa or Hive, having them both available and working together can make things much more convenient, overall. It’s an excellent way to start building a smart home, or to add to one that a homeowner already has.

Working With the Security Company Can Make a Difference

Hive and Alexa aren’t designed for home security, but they can definitely make things safer, easier, and more comfortable. Additionally, linking Alexa to a security system can help build out the idea of a true smart home. But it’s very important to work with the right security company to address any and all issues that can be important to the homeowner. Over time, that can help any homeowner develop what they really want from a smart home experience, including security, comfort, and voice control.

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