Amazon recently hosted a surprise event demonstrating several new features for their voice assistant devices like the Amazon Echo Dot. One of these announcements detailed their new security feature called Alexa Guard. Amazon Guard will use devices like the Amazon Echo that are connected in an area and utilize their microphones to listen for threats around your home.

Listening to things like:

  • Glass breaking
  • Smoke and CO alarms
  • High pitched squeals or other alarms

When one of your devices detects anything similar to this or any pre-determined threatening noise, it will send an alert to your phone or if you have professional security installed like Protect America, it can also send a notification straight to the dispatchers monitoring your home. That way you will always know if an alarm is going off in your home. This feature will go a long way toward preventing unsolved break-ins, especially considering that over 23% of all break-ins occur through first story windows with a majority being forced entries.

How Amazon Guard Works

One of the great things about Amazon Alexa devices is that in order for them to pick up your command, they have to always be listening for sound. That means in home security terms, your device will have no problem listening for suspicious noises when Alexa Guard is enabled.

If it does hear a suspicious sound, Alexa Guard will send a notification to your devices or to your monitoring service like Protect America to alert emergency services.

For now the service won’t monitor your home 24/7, but rather will require a command that let’s Alexa know that you are leaving your home. Fortunately, saying “Alexa, I’m leaving” is still generally easier than traditional security system arming.

Although it isn’t going to have a 24/7 monitoring feature on release, I’m sure there will be plenty of ways around this, as well as geofencing and proximity features auto arming all of your security features.

Other Features and Uses

One of the more popular uses for smart lighting is to have lights turn on or off at specific times or intervals to make your home look lived in even while you’re away. This is a great way to deter burglars from entering your home because they will think that someone is home turning on and off your lights.

That brings us to another cool feature of the Alexa Guard security suite. On top of listening for sounds while you are away, it can also randomize the lighting in your home using AI algorithms. This feature is trained to make the light switching look as natural as possible, so even the keenest burglars will believe it. Of course you will need smart lighting that connects to Alexa for this feature to have any effect, but you would only need a few lights in key areas to make this effective use of this feature (like around street facing windows for example.)

Although Amazon didn’t make it clear which devices this feature will be compatible with, it sounds like it will work with most of the popular security equipment on the market right now, like the Ring doorbell, August smart locks, and other smart tech geared toward home security. They also indicated that this feature will also be able to automatically signal to your other security equipment that you are leaving home, so you will only have to arm Amazon Guard to arm everything.

If you don’t have an Amazon Echo device or a professionally monitored home security system, you might want to consider grabbing a Protect America security system. Protect America connects with Amazon Alexa and also has lots of other features like glass break sensors and pet friendly motion detectors. With Protect America paired with an Amazon Alexa, Security has never been easier. Have a top of the line security system shipped directly to your door with up to $1400 of free equipment today! Get a free quote or call 1-800-659-1700