Should You Route Your Home Security System Through Your Amazon Alexa?

There are many different options available for consumers who are looking for a fully-integrated home security system that is in sync with their Amazon personal assistant, Alexa. If you are considering going this route, many experts recommend that you use the Amazon Echo as your device for a more seamless security system. If you choose to integrate your system to your personal assistant, be aware that the features and compatibility are a work in progress. There are some things that Alexa can handle quite well and many other things that she cannot.


As you increase your home automation devices and services it only makes sense that you would desire a single control point that meets all of your needs and performs all necessary tasks. This is not yet the case, and while we do think that integrating your security system with your Alexa device does make sense, we do hope that the overall compatibility and features increase substantially in the near term.

Benefits of Alexa Home Security Systems

As you integrate security system with your Alexa-enabled device it will become a lot easier to use! There are several different security systems that will work with your Alexa enabled device:

  • Vivint – this is a professional home-monitoring service that is now compatible with Amazon’s line of personal assistant devices.
  • ADT Pulse and Canopy Services – this home security behemoth is now available for access via your Echo or other Amazon device.
  • SimpliSafe3 – requires a subscription through their Interactive Plan to utilize the voice command prompts and Alexa.

As you might be noticing, these are all monitored services rather than DIY systems. If you are looking for voice commands for your Nest system, for example, there are some integrated features, with more to come, most likely. At the moment, we can understand that some consumers will find it worth their time to integrate their system with their personal assistant while others will decide that it’s not worth the bother. If you are actually looking for a full-service home security monitoring service, it is likely time to leave the world of DIY systems altogether! Professional systems are more reliable, offer more services, and have customer service support that can prove invaluable in emergencies.


Limitations of Alexa / Amazon Security Systems and Other Home Security Options

To be honest, there is not a lot that you will be able to do with your Alexa integration, at least not at the present time. For example, with most of the security systems, you are able to arm your system but not disarm it via voice command.

For all practical purposes, Alexa will simply be a complementary service to your tablet or other devices that you use to access your touchpad.

We believe that the technology will eventually get there, and soon it will be a smooth integration of all of your home automation and security systems controllable by a single device.

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