Step aside, Siri! Thanks to the voice-controlled Echo and other enabled devices, Amazon’s Alexa is now at work in homes across the world, serving as everything from deejay and forecaster to personal assistant and shopper. If you have compatible, synchronized electronics and a WiFi connection, you can ask Alexa to complete thousands of different tasks to make your life easier and safer. And now that Amazon has integrated the Echo Dot into its very own home security packages, Alexa’s promotion feels official: she is here to protect your home too. Homeowners can simply ask Alexa to activate their home security systems, locks, lights, speakers, cameras, and other essentials, and she will know what to do.


Of course, Alexa is only as good as your synchronized home security equipment. For example, the Echo, Dot, Tap, and other devices synchronize with your smartphone to play music and schedule appointments. They must also synchronize with smart light bulbs in order to control your lights, and they must connect to compatible cameras, sensors, and other security equipment in order to carry out home security commands. Thankfully, your potential commands are as various as your home security options.

Whether you have lamps plugged into WiFi outlets or an entire home security system that works with the Echo, Alexa can help you keep your home safe. Try one of these five popular commands to make sure intruders stay on the other side of your smart home’s walls:

Alexa, run “Away Mode”

If you’ve ever left a TV on to “make it sound like someone’s home”, then you’ll love this trickster of a feature. You don’t need anything except an Echo to activate Away Mode, which plays a recorded conversation as background noise throughout your house. Just tell Alexa to run this mode as you’re leaving, and she will play voices and noises that make your house sound the opposite of empty.

Alexa, turn on/off my lights

Another great way to create the illusion that you’re home: turns lights off and on. Instead of just leaving some lights on all night, tell Alexa to activate your smart light system – or smart outlets – in different rooms as you wish. You could be a thousand miles away, and Alexa will do her part to make it look like you’re cooking dinner and then watching TV as usual.

Alexa, arm my ________ system

Whether you have Protect America equipment or another compatible home security set-up, Alexa can turn it on whenever you want. Some systems come with unique command options, such as “tell (my security system) I’m leaving”, while others only recognize a few simple commands for arming or disarming the system.

Alexa, lock my doors

Have you ever freaked out because you can’t remember locking your front door before leaving (or going upstairs for the night)? Whether your home security system includes automated locks or you’ve built your own Internet of Things, Alexa can synchronize with those smart locks to keep you safe at your command. You may even be able to ask Alexa to close your garage door or check certain locks for peace of mind.


Alexa, arm my system in “stay” or “home”

Of course, home security and privacy are also important when you’re at home. Depending on your security system’s preferences, you may have a “stay” or “home” mode that turns off certain security cameras and makes sure your home is locked down. This mode may even integrate with your thermostat to make sure you’re comfortable while you’re there.

Of course, no matter how much control you have over your home, you can’t be in charge of your own security 24 hours a day. Whether you’re asleep, at work, or away for a lengthy vacation, no amount of synchronization or automation can substitute the peace of mind that comes with a protected, fully monitored home. Protect America offers 24/7 monitoring by home security professionals, making sure there’s always someone watching – and waiting to take action if necessary. Get a free custom home security quote today.