As you probably know, Alexa can do a lot of cool things. She can help you meet your goals, find recipes on the fly and even take care of your pet. But as homeowners, many of us are concerned about, well, keeping our property and those inside it safe. Don’t worry-Amazon Alexa skills can help you with that, too.

Before we get started listing the ways Alexa can protect your home, there are a few points we first need to address:

  • This article is for families with home security devices
  • You will need to download the Amazon Alexa app on your phone
  • You will also need to download the app on your phone

Now that the house rules are out of the way, let’s dive into why you’ll want to use Alexa’s skill. First, this integration gives you the power to control security systems and smart devices with just the sound of your voice. This means you can get secure quickly and often without even getting up from off the couch.

How to Set Up Amazon Echo with

One of the great things about integrating your Alexa device with the application is how simple the process is to complete. A few steps are all it takes for hands-free control of your security devices.

  1. Choose your Alexa enabled device, such as the Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot
  2. Enable the skill by going to your Amazon Alexa app
  3. Open the pop-out menu on the left side of the screen
  4. Select “Skills and Games”
  5. Search for “”
  6. Select the first “”, click “enable” to use and sign in to your account to link.
  7. Select “allow” to give your device access to security features
  8. Create a verbal pin that you will use in response to security features

After following these eight steps, you can begin asking Alexa to control your smart home security equipment.

Don’t have any security devices linked to your application yet? To add your essential devices, like an alarm panel, smart locks or lights, just open the pop-out menu on the app. Next, select the device you want to add and follow the provided on-screen instructions to integrate the device.

A black Amazon Echo with a blue light ring is on a beige background beside a large, green plant leaf.

Using Amazon Alexa Skills for Different Voice Commands

Now comes the fun part: asking Alexa to do stuff for you.

Keep in mind that in order for Alexa to control your smart home equipment, you must first establish names for each unique device. According to Amazon, you can do this in two ways:

Use the name that already exists on your account. One major downside to this is the name might be long, clunky and just not as fun to say to Alexa. You might also want something simpler for your children to use if they need to control a smart device.
Establish an Alexa group, like your Kitchen or Living Room. Then add the device to that group and you’ll be able to control those devices by the group name.

After naming your device, you can start calling on Alexa for help. Some different voice commands you can use include:

“Alexa, ask to…”

Smart Thermostats

“… turn the kitchen to 74 degrees.”
“… increase the kitchen temperature.”
Note: These example phrases are linked to an account with a smart thermostat named “kitchen”.

You can also find out what the temperature is in a certain room in your house by saying “Alexa, ask what is the temperature?”


“…run Bedtime scene.”

Smart Lights

“… turn off the bedroom light.”
“… brighten the bedroom light.”
“… set the bedroom light to 65%.”
Note: These example phrases are linked to an account with a smart light named “bedroom light”.


“… disarm the alarm panel”
Note: You will need to speak your disarming code.

“… Arm Stay my system.”

“…Arm Stay with no entry delay.”

You can also check up on the status of your system by asking Alexa “…is my security system armed/disarmed?”

Homeowners with security cameras can say “Alexa, ask to record a clip on the Kitchen camera” or “Alexa, ask to point the Hallway camera on the front door” for hands-free surveillance.


“… lock my front door.”

“… close the garage door.”

“… unlock the front door.”

You can make sure your front door is locked or garage open is closed by asking Alexa “…is the front door unlocked?” or “…if the garage door is open.”

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Enhance Your Smart Home with Protect America

This concludes our Amazon Alexa Skills tutorial. We hope these steps help keep you more connected and in control of your home. Often, the difference between having a secure and insecure property is just our ability to use the equipment we purchase to keep us safe. If you have any additional concerns about keeping your home secure, browse our blog. A quick search is all it takes to find an answer to your most urgent home security inquiry.