In the race to dominate the Smart Home scene, Amazon once again pulls ahead with the release of their new security camera, the Amazon Cloud Cam. Compatible with other smart home products such as the Amazon Key and Amazon’s smart assistant Alexa, the Cloud Cam integrates seamlessly with Amazon’s other services. But how does the Cloud Cam measure up to other home security cameras?


The Pros:

Aesthetically, the Amazon Cloud Cam blends in to any home as it is small and sleek. Some of the notable features include:

  • 1080p quality
  • Night vision capability
  • Two-way talk capability
  • 120 degree field of view
  • Ability to store recordings in the Cloud
  • Person detection – tells you if the motion detected is caused by an actual person or not
  • Ability to set zones – set some zones in the view of the camera to not trigger motion detection alerts

The Cloud Cam’s quality is apparently pretty great according to verified reviews on Amazon. Amazon also claims that the Cloud Cam is incredibly easy to install and the app is designed to be very intuitive. Most reviewers claim that it takes about five minutes or so to set up, allowing you to spend more time on the things that matter to you.

The Cons:

The Cloud Cam boasts many capabilities, but not all of them are free:

  • The above-mentioned person detection and zone setting are not covered under the Cloud Cam’s free service, but plans start at $6.99 per month to activate these.
  • Under the free service of the Cloud Cam, only the past day’s worth of video recordings are stored and accessible through the storage cloud. If you want to be able to review tapes from earlier on in the week or month, monthly rates apply with the highest rate at $19.99 per month to be able to review the past 30 days’ worth of recordings.

The Cloud Cam is also sub-par in these two areas:

  • It isn’t battery-powered, but instead wired.

    If the power goes out, so does your camera: there’s no backup battery.

  • If you prefer to have your videos stored on a microSD, there’s no option for that. Amazon only offers videos storage electronically through the cloud. This also means that if your internet connection stops working, video recordings may not be saved.


The Verdict:

What sets the Cloud Cam apart from other security cameras is that Amazon offers other compatible technologies and smart home devices that are easily controlled through Alexa or an app. The Cloud Cam is simple to use and offers many great features, but you have to pay more to gain access to all the features the Cloud Cam has to offer. Price wise, the Cloud Cam sits around the mid to high range, as there are plenty of other security cameras offered through other companies that fall below the Cloud Cam’s listed $119.99. Finally, the monthly fees are fairly affordable, and Amazon offers three different payment tiers to cater best to your preferences and needs. Overall, the Cloud Cam looks like a good way to up your home security game, but it’s worth taking a look at other security cameras to determine if the Cloud Cam best suits your needs.