**Update 2/25/2020**

Although the battery operated wireless cameras listed in this article are 2 years old, they are still excellent options when considering wireless security cameras. Also added additional information about indoor wireless cameras uses and features. 

Wireless home security cameras are one of the more popular features of a home security system. Wireless cameras allow you to see areas of your home or property that may be vulnerable to intruders. You can also record any activity that is captured, as well as save footage as evidence for the authorities. Additionally, home security cameras do have some nice features that are not directly related to home security. For instance, a wireless camera that allows you to check its live stream allow parents to check on their children who have come home from school early, or to check in with a service contractor or dog walker. Some cameras even allow for 2-way communication which makes it possible to have a conversation with anyone near the camera. This might be useful to talking to children, weekend guests, or even notifying an intruder that they are being recorded.


You should install a home security system is to secure your family and property. Every 13 seconds a home burglary takes places, 4 burglaries a minute, 240 an hour and nearly 6,000 a day!

Wireless home security cameras serve a variety of purposes including:

  • Record activity
  • Live-stream activity
  • Alert to intruders
  • Visual deterrent

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    Best Battery Operated Wireless Security Cameras

    Below we’ll briefly describe 3 excellent battery operated security cameras and outline some of their key features. All of these cameras have basic recording and storage functionality as well as the ability to view a live stream of activity. Beyond these basic features, each camera has a feature set that makes it ideal for a distinct application.

    Samsung SNW-R0130BW SmartCam A1 Outdoor Battery Operated HD Camera

    Samsung is known for making some of the best electronic products available, and this battery operated HD Wifi camera is no exception. It comes with night vision and a 110-degree field of view. In addition, you can also live-stream video from this security camera from just about any remote location. It records in a 720p video with good resolution for a clear picture. This is a solid option for people serious about home protection.

    Reolink Argus 2 Wireless Security Camera

    This forward-thinking wireless security camera has all the feature you want for your modern home. It comes with a weatherproof housing, two-way audio, alerts, sirens, and PIR motion sensors. This camera can be placed anywhere inside or outside of the home and is even solar powered to help reduce energy costs. This model also comes with rechargeable batteries for less waste. This wire-free camera option is great for most uses around the home and is a great way to protect your home and stay in touch with everything happening around your space.

    Blink Two Camera System

    This camera bundle is designed for indoor use and comes with two, night-vision, wifi enabled cameras. This package comes with the sync module as well and offers helpful features such as temperature sensors, HD video, Live view, low-light illumination, and instant alerts. Stay on top of everything that goes on in the home and offers your family a greater degree of protection with this economical package.

    Wireless Home Security Cameras: What Are Your Options?


    Protect America

    If you’re interested in home security cameras, you may also be interested in other equipment that can help you protect your home. Protect America offers are variety of home security and automation equipment. Apart from wireless security cameras, they offer smoke and CO detectors, environmental sensors, as well as anything else needed to protect your home. Protect America can also provide 24/7 professional monitoring to back you up when you can’t be there to monitor your system. They have rates as low as $30 per month and offer their new clients up to $1400 in free equipment. They’ll lock in your rate and offer a price match guarantee to make sure you get the best price available.  You also don’t have to worry about paying installation fees. You’ll install your equipment yourself with the help of their support staff to make sure you’re getting the most out of your devices. They give you all of the features you want without all of the hassles.

    If you are interested in finding the best wireless home security cameras and home security systems available, check out the Protect America website. There you can find out more information on their services and products. You can even submit a form for your personal free quote.