Home automation products and the IoT (Internet of Things) have joined forces to provide customers some of the sleekest user-friendly tools in home security. At Protect America, we’re no different. We’re excited to bring you the Simon XTi.

The Simon XTi Touch Screen brings sleek, quality protection, and award-winning technology to your home. With a liquid crystal display touch screen, wireless connection, and image capture technology, you’ll have instant and total control. 

Part of the XTi’s uniqueness, its its ability to be self-installed. With some guide from our technicians, you’ll be set up in no time and skip the hassle of waiting for expensive and physical installers. 

Home Automation Features

Home automation features will connect you with lights, locks, and others, with the ability to connect to your smartphone for XTi’s options from the palm of your hand. Take advantage of the system’s wireless connection and monitor it from anywhere.

You’ll be able to quickly arm or disarm your security system through your phone via the Protect America home security app, and icons will allow you to quickly and easily perform checks and tasks.

Simon XTi offers 40 wireless zones, and it’s capable of covering virtually any home, regardless of its size or number of entry points, and you can easily program new devices and user codes for flexible, complete coverage.

Your in-house cameras, carbon monoxide detectors, and home automation will easily pair with the XTi to adapt to your security needs.

The two-way microphone feature enables you to have instant access to monitoring station personnel during an emergency, and fast action keys for fire, medical and police assistance are also available.

Other Features

A backup power supply ensures the system remains active during a power outage.

Chime features are set for door or window motion monitoring, and a loud siren will alert your family of an event no matter what part of the home they are in.

The system can also be configured for chime messages, status prompts, or live communications, so you can monitor household activities and receive push alert notifications.

The Simon XTi was designed to be versatile. Whether you live on a ranch or a small home, your needs will be met. The integration with wireless devices like smoke and fire detectors, life safety devices, and home automation add-ons will provide you peace of mind, and convenience in one highly customizable and effective home security offering.