There is an obvious benefit to any security system- to protect your home. While a wired security system is more traditional, more and more people are turning to WiFi systems for many reasons.


A fully wireless system uses individual sensors throughout the home which communicate wirelessly to the central control panel, typically using radio frequency technology.

When choosing a wireless home security system, you have the option of monitored vs non-monitored systems. Non-monitored systems can be great if you want to check in on what Fido is doing while you’re supposed to be working, but they’re not really the best option for a legit security system. Monitored systems allow you, as well as a security team, to receive updates in real time. This way you’re not coming home at 5 pm only to find Oh, there was a burglar here today. So what exactly are the benefits of a WiFi security camera system? Read below to find out.

Easy Access Anywhere

Even with a monitored system, it’s still really nice to be able to access your security system anywhere. You can easily do this using an app. Depending on your system, this allows you to:

  • Check cameras
  • Lock doors
  • Turn the lights off or on
  • Alert the authorities
  • Speak to an intruder or someone at your front door
  • Set the thermostat
  • Arm or disarm your home
  • Get personalized notifications

So whether you want to watch your dog take his 5th nap of the day, make sure your wife isn’t cheating, check up on the babysitter, or you know use the system for its intended purpose, you can with easy access through an app. In addition to monitoring on your own through an app, a monitored system really offers the peace of mind and security you need. Protect America offers a 36 month agreement for their monitored system. Being able to monitor your home yourself can give you peace of mind and can prove to be really interesting, but you still really need a monitored system.

Easy Installation

Another great thing about WiFi security systems is that you can install cameras in places where it’s hard or impossible to install wires. This could include rental properties; brick, wood, or other unique building materials; historic buildings; and other unique places. Learn more about the equipment included in a wireless system here. Also, in case you missed the memo, it’s not 1995 any more. In order for a wired system to work, you need a landline, which many people have done away with at this point. No need to connect to a landline with a WiFi security system.

The easy installation is really convenient in general, but it’s great if you’re facing a threat and need something installed quickly. Say your neighbor had a break in last night- you can go buy a wireless system, install it, and get it up and running before nightfall. This is something that can’t be said for wired systems that require a professional installer.

You can also often install wireless systems on your own, which is not only easy but also helps save you money.


Lower Price Point

It’s a no brainer that anything that’s DIY is going to save you money since you don’t have to pay somebody else to install the equipment. WiFi systems can save you money in other areas though as well. For example, if you move, you can easily take the system down and take it with you- something that isn’t very feasible with wired systems. It is also just cheaper in general to use sticker sensors that are standard with WiFi systems.

There are obviously many benefits to any home security system and Protect America is the perfect solution for you. They offer 24/7 professionally monitored home security- a must have no matter what, and as a nine-time Consumers Digest Best Buy winner, you know you can trust them to keep you, your family, and your possessions safe. They also have many ways to save you money- no installation fees, free equipment, price match guarantee, and more! Do you want to better secure your home? Get a free quote from Protect America today.