Many traditional home security systems have an installation person greet you at the door and install your items in place over a few hours. With do-it-yourself models, you’ll be able to place the security system without the hassle of wait times or excessive fees.


“A house is burgled every 15 seconds in the United States, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, costing homeowners an average of $1,900 in personal goods and possessions with each break-in.”

Why Should You Buy a DIY Security System

Purchasing a home security system is essential in order to keep your home safe. With yard signs and window stickers outlining the name of the security company, thieves will believe that your home is well protect and more often than not they will target another home. If that doesn’t deter them from trying to get into your home when you’re not home, then having an operating monitoring system will.

Getting a do-it-yourself security system will keep costs down. They’re easy to install and you can always add more sensors to place on each window or door of your home. At Protect America, you’ll pay as low as $19.99 for monitoring services. This package even includes the equipment. When you speak with an associate, they will help you build a custom-made system specifically designed for your home and your needs. Based on how many windows and doors you have, you may need a smaller or larger package.This may include complete home automation or just a basic monitoring plan.

Three Things You Can Try

  1. Install the control panel: Find a place near the front door. Follow the instructions that came with your device in order to connect your panel to either your landline, broadband, or cellular service. Then plug in your control panel and mount the device.
  2. Align and place sensors: You’ll receive a sensor and a magnet. Both with notches that need to be aligned in order for them to work properly. These devices have a peel and stick backing. Remove the backing and place one on the door and the other on the frame. (You will do the same for the windows and the window frames.) They shouldn’t be separated by more than a centimeter in length.
  3. Test the Sensor Connection: Once your control panel and sensors are in place, you can test the connections by opening and closing windows and doors. The control panel should announce which location is open. For example, the automated panel will call out “front door” when the front door is opened.


Why Choose Protect America?

For more than 25 years, Protect America has been a home security company that offers monitoring services all across the United States. They’ve become one of the leaders in do-it-yourself home security. Several reasons Protect America have become so popular is because they have 24/7 monitoring services, no installation fees, and an active customer support team. They also offer locked-in rates for customers who sign up with a three-year contract.

Contact a Protect America agent today to get started with one of their low price packages. You’ll save every month and be able to protect your family everyday.