With technology advancing as quickly as it does, many technologies that used to be reserved only for large businesses and wealthy homeowners are now available for more and more people as the price of high-tech drops. Today we’ll be looking at the best affordable home surveillance systems available this year.

Reolink RLK4-21WB4

This system by Reolink is not affordable but very flexible in its utility. It comes as a full system that is ready to go–just plug and play. You get a network video recorder kit with 1TB of storage and 4 HD waterproof cameras. The cameras can be used both indoors and outdoors and have the capability to connect wirelessly to the internet. The cameras themselves look slick and modern. But with 4 cameras, you’ll need a lot of storage space for all of that footage. Fortunately, the 1 terabyte of storage that the video recorder comes with is plenty. This will allow you to record at higher resolutions with a longer period of time before needing to overwrite old video recordings.

The system comes with an app that allows you to use any mobile device or browser to access and control the surveillance system. You will be able to access your cameras from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet or Wi-Fi connectivity remotely.

The cameras also come with image sensors, night vision, and two way audio.

For the price, this system is definitely a very strong contender for anyone looking for an affordable home surveillance system.

Zosi 960P

If you’re looking for high versatility in the area of VGA vs HDMI ports for your screen, this system has both. Not only is it easy to set up, it’s sure to be compatible with your existing viewing and monitoring equipment. This system also comes with 4 individual cameras and an NVR with 2TB of storage. The cameras are made for outdoor use and can connect wirelessly to the internet.

The app for Zosi is free to download, allowing you to view and access the cameras and system through any mobile device connected to the internet. You can connect and watch over your home remotely with this user-friendly and intuitive app. And even if you aren’t monitoring the system constantly, the 2TB of space will ensure that you won’t be running out of memory too quickly.

The cameras are equipped with motion detectors, allowing them to push notifications to your smartphone whenever motion is detected. You can turn off this feature when it does not make sense for you (for example, when everyone is home or if you have a dog in the house that likes to run around).

Security vs Surveillance

Before you choose the right camera system to purchase for your home, make sure to consider the appropriateness of surveillance cameras versus security cameras. If you are planning to closely monitor all activity within your home and having recorded footage that you can review later on is important to you, then you need a surveillance system. If you just want your camera to be able to give you a live stream of your home and record only during emergencies when your alarm goes off, then security cameras are a much more practical and affordable option. Learn more about Protect America’s security cameras here.

We hope that this has helped you make a decision about what camera system that you want for your home in 2016!