Tis’ the season to be cooking, planning, buying and decorating and if you’re like me, then you’re already pretty stressed out. Just in case you are the chef for these holiday feasts, then you know that it can be an inordinate amount of work getting everything ready.

This year, offload a portion of that work onto your Alexa-empowered speaker. Here are some different ways Amazon’s AI assistant can help take a lot of the strain away from the holidays.

Keep and Maintain a Shopping List

Alexa is really good at remembering shopping lists and it really is a lot easier than writing things down on a piece of paper. You’ll love using Alexa to keep track of your shopping needs. All you have to do is just say “Alexa, add paper plates to the shopping list,” or just, “Alexa, add Legos.”

Furthermore, you can view the whole list in the Alexa app or on the alexa.amazon.com website. Alexa also allows connecting thirst party apps to the list function that can sync both ways, allowing you to add items from either the app or Alexa. You can add one of these third party apps under lists in your Alexa account settings.

Keep a Holiday Day To-do List

Like shopping, remembering all of the things left to do before the celebrations begin can be hectic and stressful. Also like shopping, Alexa can help you keep track of your to-do list for you.

All you have to do to add a task to your to-do list is say, “Alexa, add wrap presents to my to-do list.”

Keeping a list of tasks with Alexa will help you cut down on the seemingly never ending list of things to do in no time at all. When you’re ready for a new task you can say, “Alexa, what’s on my to-do list?”

Get Great Recipe Ideas and Tips

Cooking is one of the areas where your Alexa can really shine. Mainly because of the sheer number of different apps there are available for cooking. On top of that, the actual features of Alexa really do compliment the cooking process. Cooking requires precision, multi-tasking, and memory all while racing against the clock with your hands full. So it makes a lot of sense that a voice controlled super computer in the kitchen would come in handy.

Alexa can also help you figure out how much food to buy for the amount of visitors you having coming for your holiday dinner events.

Simultaneous Cooking Timers

Did I mention that cooking requires precision while racing against the clock? Well, fortunately Alexa allows you to set multiple timers, all at the same time, without requiring you to put down the cutting knife.

If you can’t remember how long to cook a particular part of the dish you’re preparing, well if you’re using Alexa as your recipe guide as well then you just have to ask. Alexa is sounding pretty handy, right? With Alexa in the kitchen you can cook a pretty complicated meal without needing much practice or help.

Bartenders Assistant

If you’re like me, then imagining going through the entire holiday season without any booze is a pretty scary prospect. Fortunately for us, Alexa has that covered too. If you have ever wanted to show off your amazing bartending skills without any bartending skills, then you’ll probably want to go grab The Bartender skill for Alexa. It has over 12,000 different cocktails to choose from and can convert the portions to any size you can think of.

There are also apps for finding the best wine pairings with the food you plan on serving and of course there are drinking games if you want to get really serious. There’s even a skill to help you find the best beer for the food you’re planning on serving. Have you ever wondered what type of beer would go best with honey glazed ham? Well, head on down to the Alexa skill website and download “What Beer?”

Or Combine your Feast with the Best Lager

On the off chance that brew is more your style, utilize the What lager? aptitude to locate the ideal brew to run with your dinner. Say something like, “Alexa, ask what lager runs with cranberry sauce.”

Atmosphere is Key

The holidays would probably feel pretty empty without the quintessential holiday music. Alexa makes it easy to set the mood and get everyone in a holiday cheer. There are plenty of playlists to choose from with all of the holiday music you could ask for on Spotify, Prime, and Amazon music. Just say “Alexa, play _____” and that’s it!

Just Remember Something?

I forget stuff during the calmest of times, so it goes without saying that during the holidays it gets a lot worse. That’s why when I do happen to remember something that I had previous forgot about, I try to do it right away. If you forget to buy something, you can order it right away by saying, “Alexa, add an egg beater to my cart.”


Worry Free Holidays

One of the most annoying things to deal with during the holidays is theft. The last thing you need is for someone to swipe something you ordered from your tree or front porch. That’s why it’s probably a good idea to arm your home with a good security system. The good news is that Protect America is always offering fantastic deals during the holidays to help families stay safe. Check out their website to see what winter deals they are having and get peace of mind this holiday season!