There are a multitude of reasons to consider adding a wireless security system to a home or business. The primary reason? Avoiding potential issues caused by criminal activity. The FBI has been very clear that home break-ins are common enough to be problematic. 1 home is broken into every 15 seconds and nearly 6,000 homes are broken into on a daily basis! While these numbers sound alarming, the truth is that any fear can be largely quelled by adding a simple, affordable and effective home security system. Today’s discussion is going to be focused on the top wireless security systems currently available.


Top Of The Line Wireless Security Systems For 2018

There are as many wireless security systems available for sale as a person has the time to research for. With such a crowded market, it can be hard to determine which systems are actually worth their time. Fortunately for our readers, we took time out of our day to highlight a trio of great wireless systems: Frontpoint Home Security System, ADT Pulse, and the Abode Home Security Starter Kit.

According to statistics procured by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, nearly 70% of all home break-ins are what we call ‘forced entry’. Adding on to that number, 85% of all residential break-ins will happen when the home owner isn’t around. Both of these numbers make a reliable security system all the more important.

Let’s jump right into our review of these high-quality, wireless security systems. We’ve highlighted the most important features of each system and we’ve detailed what makes them special in comparison to one another. In the following section, we’ll highlight the system that we ended up liking the most.

Frontpoint Home Security System – This wireless system makes our list because it is easy to install and intuitive to control. There are a ton of add-on accessories that can be acquired for this system and Frontpoint’s customer service seems to be on point as well. Still, this is a DIY home security set-up so there are some drawbacks as well such as a lack of 24/7 professional monitoring.

ADT Pulse – Probably the most popular system on our list, ADT Pulse is an affordable wireless security system that is easy to install and quite intuitive. The system itself comes with amazing customer service, extended third-party support and a whole slew of manufacturer-backed add on accessories. The high point of purchasing ADT Pulse comes by way of ADT’s exceptional customer service. We do have to ding the service regarding contract length, as ADT Pulse requires a three-year contract with a larger termination penalty for early cancellation.

Abode Home Security Starter Kit – Probably the least well known option on our list, the Abode Home Security Starter Kit is effective and easy to install. With no contracts and an extensive array of monitoring plans available, this is a clear-cut step above many options on the market.


Which Wireless Security System Is The Best?

Traditionally, we like the offerings that the ADT Pulse setup had but we really disliked the three-year contracted rates. For our purposes, we chose Abode Home Security Starter Kit as our top wireless security system available on the market.

Protect America Offers Top Of The Line Wireless Home Security

At the end of the day, homeowners can only bring one wireless security system into their home. Why not opt for the best? For that reason, we highly advise that our readers check out the value being offered by the team at Protect America. Protect America is a full-service home security company that offers extensive, professional monitoring. Protect America has monthly plans that start out at just $30 and come with upwards of $1,400 worth of gear.

The best thing about Protect America, outside of their decades of great customer service, is the fact that they stand by their products with various benefits and guarantees. For starters, Protect America does NOT charge any installation fees. Continuing that line of benefits will reveal that Protect America also offers a price match guarantee. If there’s a better deal out there, they’ll match it. Contact them today for a free and convenient estimate.