Security Glass and the Pattern Recognition Option

While it’s true that not every burglary involves broken glass, thieves aren’t scared to shatter a window or two to get what they want. Security glass can come in handy when protecting a certain vulnerable door or window, but what about multiple windows, or your whole home, for that matter? What are your other options?


Glass Break Pattern Recognition – Beyond Security Glass

So, assuming you’d rather not have a brick thrown through your window (and most of us don’t), there are a couple options. One is a highly resistant glass, another is a film that you can add to the glass itself. For many homeowners, outfitting their entire home with break-resistant glass or film is not a realistic option. It would be nice to do so, but replacing every window or adding a special anti-shatter film to each one can definitely get expensive. There are other technologies that rival in effectiveness and protection, however.

Take, for instance, the wireless Glass Break Sensor. This device uses pattern recognition security technology – listening for the sound of breaking glass at all times and sounding an alarm in the event any glass is broken. Its 20 foot radius is ideal for areas with plenty of natural light and windows like kitchens, master bedrooms, entry ways, hallways and sun rooms.


A homeowner could easily secure his or her house with this layer of security by placing a couple of these glass sensors in the most vulnerable areas. Keep in mind – as said above, this is an excellent layer of defense. We definitely suggest that every door or window that can be opened is first secured with a door/window sensor. These tiny but powerful sensors use magnets to detect when a window has been opened, and are the best first line of defense.

So, protecting your home from doors and windows being forced open (with window sensors) and shattering glass (with the Glass Break Sensor) is ideal for anyone looking to implement a solid security plan. Plus, with the advent of wireless technology, installing these devices is incredibly simple. It really is virtually “plug and play”, so feel free to spend less time plugging and more time playing.