Oh, yes you can. While thinking about which monitored security system is right for your home, you may have encountered all sorts of tales about technicians that installed the wrong equipment or bullied customers into buying even more cameras they can’t afford. You can avoid the high-pressure sales tactics and third-party problems by getting an install-it-yourself system from a reputable home security company like Protect America

It really isn’t as complicated as you might think.


Map Out Your Needs

Walk around your property and decide what you must have protected. These areas should include:

  • Doors
  • Ground floor windows
  • Garage
  • Smoke detectors
  • Damp basement
  • Nursery
  • Safe

Now is the time to write down your wish list.  Once you develop a price list for equipment, you can whittle it back down to meet your budget.

Talk to an Expert

Next, give the security experts at Protect America a call. They will ask you about your property, neighborhood, and lifestyle. They will help you understand what the different pieces of equipment do and how they work together to secure your home against invasion and theft.  A basic system will include:

  • Wireless keypad
  • Base unit
  • A door/window sensor
  • A motion sensor

You may also want to add a wireless camera to your new system.  They will bundle up your order, configure it and ship it to your home.

Wireless Technology and Batteries Make it Possible

Now that you have the box of new security equipment, you need to know how to install it.  You really just need a screwdriver and your phone.  The door sensors have a battery and are mounted on the frame and door.  You will need a power source near the location of the keypad, but it will just take a couple screws to secure it to the wall.  Even your motion sensor is run on batteries. 

Once everything is in its final position just follow a few simple steps to activate your keypad and connect to the monitoring center.  You should be done with the installation in just about two hours.


Connect to Your Smartphone and Alexa, too!

Now for the fun part. Many new wireless security systems can be accessed by your smartphone through an app from your security company. If you have a home automation system like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, it is even possible to set your alarm with a simple voice command.

Of course, you can simply purchase a DiY security system at the home improvement store, but it won’t come with a live monitoring center. Remember, your home is only truly protected when somebody is actually paying attention to the alarm 24/7.  Considering all the options available from reputable national companies like Protect America, there is no reason to go high-tech without the peace of mind that monitoring services bring to you. 

Now you know you can install your own security system while enjoying all the perks associated with a more traditional service.