If you have had a home security system for many years, or maybe just moved into a new place with an older security system you might have noticed that the keypad doesn’t seem to work anymore. In this modern era of install-it-yourself home security systems, you might think that you can just run out to the big box store and buy a new one.  Not so fast!


Check Your Contract

If the system is currently monitored and you had a professional installer put it in all those years ago, there is a good chance that your contract stipulates that you have to buy replacement parts from the approved supplier and have it installed by their people. If you own the hardware outright and there is no maintenance clause in your contract, you are good to go to try and troubleshoot the situation yourself.

Is it Hardwired or Battery Operated?

If you haven’t used the touchpad in a long time and it doesn’t respond anymore, the first thing to check is if it has power supplied by a battery.  Many of the newer wireless systems don’t have any wires running into the walls and you might just have to replace the battery to fix the problem. 

After you replace the battery and there is still no response from the keypad, it’s time to replace the unit

If it is hardwired, unless you have experience in security system installation and maintenance, you probably don’t want to tamper with the system. It’s easy to crosswire a new panel and actually have it damage other components in the system, not to mention give yourself a jolt while playing with the wiring. It may require reprogramming and access to the master code, as well. This might be a good indication that it’s time to change out your old security system for a do-it-yourself wireless package from a reputable company like Protect America.

Check Compatibility Before You Begin

Finally, while many keypads made by different security companies function in basically the same manner, it doesn’t mean you can run down and grab any box on the shelf and have it work with the rest of your system. Your keypad is the brain and it needs to be able to talk to your window, door, and motion sensors. 

Read the owners manuals of the equipment that is staying in place for a list of compatible keypads that will work before spending any money.


Giving Up and Starting Over

It is possible that your system is so old that there simply isn’t a keypad out there that can easily be integrated with it.  It’s time to invest in a complete new security system from a company like Protect America.  You are able to install the equipment on your own and anytime you want to change things out, they will be able to help you expand the system to include:

  • Access through a mobile app
  • Configure it to work with your home automation unit, like Amazon Alexa
  • Add cameras and recording equipment

Don’t hesitate to give them a call when it’s time to upgrade your equipment to something that really works.