If you’re planning to move, one of your top concerns is likely what to do with your existing ADT contract. When you have an alarm system installed in a home, providers like ADT lock in a multi-year service agreement. Most homeowners don’t wish to cancel ADT because if they are still within the contract window, they may end up paying hefty fees. As a strategy when moving, homeowners wonder if they can transfer ADT to new owner. However, ADT does not have a flexible cancellation or transfer policy. Instead of transferring a contract, you must continue making payments until the contract expires or cancel service and pay all applicable fees and penalties.

ADT Contract Policies

ADT won’t allow you to transfer an existing contract to the new owners. When moving, ADT gives you an option to either modify your existing service level or maintain the same service. If you wish to cancel, then you must pay 75 percent of your current contract. Even if the new owners decide to activate existing equipment, you receive no benefit. Your contract length isn’t reduced or terminated altogether. You will need to either honor the original terms of your agreement or reactivate service at your new home. Furthermore, you’re not permitted to transfer an ADT contract to a relative or friend—even if he or she plans to open a new account with the home security company.

Remember to always keep your contract handy and review the terms listed. Within the policies, you will find contract length and terms.

Equipment Policies for ADT

Despite having a current contract with ADT, the company doesn’t typically permit you to take equipment with you when moving. Depending on your equipment agreement, you will either need to leave sensors and alarms at the property or return them to ADT. As soon as you know your move-in date, contact ADT customer service to discuss options. Per the ADT website, you have three main options when moving:

  • Take ADT with You
  • Modify Service
  • Cancel Service

Although canceling service is a provided option from ADT customer service, canceling puts you at risk for the 75 percent cancellation fee, unless you are at the end of your contract. One loophole does allow you to cancel ADT when moving. If you move to an area where ADT can’t provide service, like a military base, you can be released from your contract without penalty.

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Mover’s Packages

Instead of an ADT transfer service, the home security company offers a Mover’s Package Guarantee. The relocation package has the following inclusions (subject to change):

  • 36-Month Contract Agreement
  • Enrollment in Easy Pay Plan
  • Relocation Credits for New ADT System and Installation
  • Activation Fee Required

The amount of credits offered to former ADT customers depend on how long they have been an active client with the home security company. Full offer requires a minimum of 24 months of past service with ADT. ADT will let you know if you will take any existing equipment with you or if new equipment is needed. If you enter into a new contract with ADT, the old contract is voided and you’re locked into another 36 months of service.

Transferring ADT to a New Home Owner

ADT allows new homeowners to reactivate an existing ADT system. Over the phone, ADT customer service representatives evaluate the existing system and let the new owner know if it’s viable. Depending on the age and condition of the security system, new hardware and updated programming may be needed. However, a brand new service contract is required regardless if the home has an existing system. The only true savings for the homeowner is he or she won’t have to pay installation costs. The same contract length and prices apply with monitoring packages at least $25 to $30 per month. Minimum contract lengths for ADT service is three years.

Getting a New Security System Provider

Since you can’t transfer ADT to new owner of your former residence, you may not see the benefit of continuing with the company. If you’re near the end of your contract, you could pay off the remainder and start with a new security provider. Security companies offer special pricing for new customers or customers switching from another provider. Get quotes from home security companies and determine if canceling ADT actually saves you money in the long run.

Just beware of home security scams. Door to door sales associates use tactics to pressure homeowners into choosing their firm. The associate may present limited-time offers or advertise the service as free. Although the equipment is free, you will likely end up overpaying through an expensive and lengthy contract. Before you choose a provider, review the fine print in the contract and verify the terms promised by the sales associate.

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