Just about every home has a few vulnerable areas that criminals may take advantage of to commit a burglary. Some examples of such weaknesses include ladders left outside of the home, untrimmed bushes, spare keys hidden outside, and trees that are close to windows on the second floor. While homeowners can take a few steps to eliminate these vulnerabilities, it is very difficult to get rid of every single weakness. Fortunately, there are many products on the market that can help homeowners increase their home security. One example of such a product is the Canary Flex.


What Is the Canary Flex?

Canary is an all-in-one indoor security camera. This indoor camera has been rated highly by many reviewers, and for good reason. Not only does the it have great specs, but it is also very effective and durable. However, more and more homeowners are installing security cameras in their yards and porches and not just inside their house. In response to the success of this indoor camera and the increasing demand for outdoor security cameras, Camera has opted to release the Canary Flex, which is a security camera intended for the outdoors. Its not hard to see the benefits after reading a canary review.


Some of the features of the Canary Flex include the following:

  • Accessories like stake mounts and secure mounts
  • Magnetic base
  • Mobile app
  • HD video to record footage to the cloud
  • Wi-Fi and 4G LTE


Undoubtedly, the Canary Flex is living up to the hype so far. Here are some of the many advantages of this outdoor security camera:

  • Waterproof – Of course, any camera intended for the outdoors will need to be waterproof. Fortunately, the Canary Flex cannot be deterred by rainfall. While a waterproof camera may not be entirely necessary in drier climates, it is an absolute must in humid and wet climates.
  • Powered by Batteries and Outlets – Another advantage of the Canary Flex is that it can be powered by batteries or plugged into an outlet. If you’d rather not have to spend money on batteries on a regular basis, you are better off plugging the security camera into an outlet. However, if you want to place the Canary Flex in areas that don’t have an outlet, you can simply use batteries. The Canary Flex can remain plugged in while wet.


Unfortunately, the Canary Flex does have a few deficits. Unlike, the original Canary, the Canary Flex does not have any sensors. The Canary also doesn’t have home health sensors, which were responsible for relaying feedback about the house in the original Canary. Some examples of such feedback include air quality, temperature, and humidity.



The Canary Flex costs $199 on the market. However, customers have to pay more to store their footage. Fortunately, Canary released a new pricing model that is pleasing many homeowners. Canary allows customers to access the last 24 hours of footage for free instead of just 12 hours like before.

Undoubtedly, many homeowners are impressed by the Canary Flex. If you want to ensure your home’s security both inside and outside the home, you should consider buying the Canary Flex to accompany your Canary.