The best security system means one that does everything a homeowner needs to truly keep them safe. Unfortunately, most home security systems are imperfect. That means they won’t always give a homeowner all the desired protection. It may be necessary to get something extra, or to change from one system to another, in order to have the value desired.

One of the areas where a homeowner has to be careful is with carbon monoxide detectors — especially if they’re looking for some that integrate with Nest or other types of smart home devices. They may not always be able to get what they want from a particular company, but it’s important to find that out as soon as possible. That way they can make any needed changes quickly and efficiently, so they can have the protection level they’re looking for and reduce their chances of having incompatible devices.


Does Everyone Need a Carbon Monoxide Detector?

Not every homeowner needs a carbon monoxide detector, technically. For homeowners who have all electric homes, for example, there’s little to no risk of problems with this colorless, odorless gas. However, that doesn’t mean that carbon monoxide can’t drift in from outside for some reason, or even from the car someone left running in the garage.


With that in mind, it’s important for people to have carbon monoxide detectors even if they don’t think they really need them. These detectors aren’t expensive, and most people can get by with the battery powered ones that are mounted on the wall.

For people who want something that works with their Nest device, though, they may have to spend just a little bit more. Nest now makes the Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, and other companies are expected to make compatible devices relatively soon. Right now, though, the options are limited to the $129 Protect device that Nest makes, if a homeowner wants to have a carbon monoxide alarm that’s truly going to be integrated with their Nest device — and that’s all part of creating a smart home.

What Nest Can do for a Homeowner’s Convenience

The right home security system is one that a homeowner doesn’t have to think about, and that’s part of why people like Nest so much. It’s designed to control lights, thermostats, locks, and other devices to help protect a home and its contents. However, when coupled with a full security system it can add to the quality and value that a homeowner gets. It can also bring more peace of mind, which is something that’s hard to buy and that can’t really be judged on a fair price. Either a homeowner has peace of mind or they don’t, and it’s not always easy to get that level of comfort and security without some time and effort. However, it’s often well worth it.

Integration Can be Highly Important for Security

There are a lot of different things that are important when it comes to security, and among those things is integration. When a home security company works with a homeowner to integrate as many devices as possible, it’s much more convenient for the homeowner and the company, both. Homeowners looking to do this should consider:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • high-end, quality equipment
  • ease of installation
  • fast response times
  • strong customer service

With so much to take stock of, it’s a good idea for a homeowner to make sure they’re choosing the right company. Then they can get Nest and carbon monoxide detector integration, along with a security system they can feel good about.

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