People work hard to buy a nice house and fill it with the memories, items, and people that they love. It only makes sense that they would want to keep those things safe. The best way to do that is to have a security system.

For years,  security systems were complex devices that required wiring throughout the house and a control panel connected to a phone line to call out for help in the event the system is triggered. However, as said,

“Cellular technology is quickly replacing the traditional phone based systems out there.”

What’s more, systems have become increasingly more wireless over the last decade. Wireless equipment means there are no wires connecting the various components of your security system — sensors, cameras, etc. — to the control panel. Combined with cellular service that wirelessly sends messages to the monitoring service and others outside the home … security systems are stepping into the 21st century.


Why Is Cellular Better?

Newer is not always better, however, in this instance it is and there are three big reasons why:

  • Dependability
  • Speed
  • Security of the system


Neither rain, nor sleet, nor dark of night will stay your cellular home security system from its appointed rounds. Unlike Broadband and Internet-based systems, a power outage does not affect a cellular system. Even when the power, cable, landlines, and Internet go out, these systems stay up and running to keep one’s home and family safe.

After all, what good is a security system if it does not come through when it counts most.


A home security system with cellular data transmission is quicker at contacting the central monitoring center than wired systems. This means that, in the event of an emergency, help is contacted and dispatched faster.

As one Protect America customer said in a review on

“Very courteous, knowledgeable, the price for what I got was amazing. I had a smoke alarm sound off, the monitoring was so quick, the response time was less than 5 seconds. They were calling me to see if we were all right. Very impressive. The installation was simple. I am happy I changed from ADT!!!”

This is one of the factors that matter most to customers. After all, what good is a security system if it takes too long to call for help.

Security of the System

According to an article titled The Hard Facts on Home Security, 

“Twenty-five percent of burglars reported cutting telephone or alarm wires before they broke into the home in an effort to foil alarm systems.”

The use of a wireless system that operates by using cellular signals eliminates the risk of disabling a system by cutting the wires. Traditional landline telephone lines are easy to locate and cut. Even cable lines can be found with a little more effort and cut. If nothing else, criminals can knock out the power and be sure that any non-cellular, wire-bound security system is disabled.


Wrapping It Up

Cellular home security is currently the fastest, most dependable, and most secure home security service available. It tends to be a more expensive feature but the value is obvious. Investing a little extra in a fully wireless system that utilizes cellular technology will pay off in true security for one’s home and family.

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