Wireless cellular monitoring works by transmitting data from your security system. There is a midpoint server system to facilitate the streaming capability for this type of security system made for tablets and smartphones. The data is transmitted to those devices. How is this data transmitted? That is a more nuanced bit of information that requires deeper understanding technology used in this type of setup.

If you are worried about hacking, you should worry more about WiFi systems because of their vulnerabilities.


“Small businesses and people at home should be concerned, but not too worried,”
-Researcher Candid Wuest about new WiFi vulnerabilities

Cellular versus legacy wired systems

Criminals have become much smarter over the course of the past couple of decades, particularly during the proliferation of the digital Age and information economy. Hackers and other criminals such as burglars have figured out ways around the legacy system simply by cutting phone lines, rendering the entire system pretty much useless for home security. New cellular technology for home security systems are more reliable generally.

Wireless Security Systems

In modern security systems that are cellular based, a cellular module is installed in the main control panel unit. These were previously wired units, such as phone lines, installed so the systems are still very similar but with new communications durations. Signals are sent to a monitoring station directly and intrusions can be triggered through sensors transmitting data across the cellular network very quickly.

Responses to Intruders

Responses from law enforcement and emergency personnel and be triggered from this wireless security system technology. Physical alarms and flashes can also be triggered by and the alarm system to scare away the Intruders at your home.


Modern home security system such as this should be installed by professionals to avoid the chance of tampering or other security breaches at your location. Trust the professionals at Protect America to provide you with the best in home security and home automation solutions to make you feel completely at ease at your home or office.


Key benefits of wireless security monitoring

There are several added benefits to using a wireless cellular based monitoring system for home security that you can check on your smartphone or tablet.

  • you can check on your home security at anytime anywhere with your mobile device
  • the installation is much easier than wired systems and much more reliable
  • a modern system with sensors can be triggered to contact law enforcement and alert you via text message or email
  • Get the best in protection and consult with one of our experts at Protect America to find a solution that is right for you. remember that a professional installation with quality products is the only way to ensure that you have a safe home to a practical degree at least. Our experts can consult with you so give them a call.