Securing your home and family is one of the most important responsibilities you have. Choosing the right home security system provider is essential to ensure the right amount of protection at all times.  Before making a decision on the best home security provider for your family, be sure to compare your options to determine which service is compatible with your budget and security needs. For many people, a cellular enabled security system, or cellular security cameras may be a great choice.

In 2017, a 1.4 million burglaries were reported in the US, according to the FBI. The average loss from each burglary that occurred was approximately $2,400. To prevent becoming a victim of theft of burglary, install a home security system that you can trust.

AT&T Home Security Options

AT&T is no longer solely providing individuals with cable, internet, and phone service. They have now expanded into the home security market with the launch of AT&T Digital Life. AT&T Digital Life is a home security service that does not require customers to utilize other AT&T products or services, allowing you to get started with AT&T right away, even if you are not a current customer of their phone, internet, or cable service. With AT&T Digital Life, you can keep track of your home from just about anywhere with the use of an updated Android or iPhone device.  Some of the most notable attractions and features of AT&T Digital Life security service include:

  • Free Installation (Installation fee waived)
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Home Automation Functionality for Cellular Security Camera ATT Users
  • Remote Access Available at All Times

While AT&T Digital Life is a great pick for individuals who may also use other services they currently provide, it is also important to consider some of the negative aspects of using AT&T Digital Life, such as:

  • Initial Equipment Fee: New customers are required to pay a steep equipment fee beginning at $549.99, even if they are only leasing the equipment they intend to use with the AT&T Digital Life service.
  • Poor Customer Service: Unfortunately, AT&T’s Digital Life security service has received mixed reviews, many of which include customers complaining about a lack of or poor customer service.
  • Credit Approval Required: All customers interested in obtaining and using AT&T’s Digital Life service are required to have a credit score that is in good standing.

Benefits of Using Cellular Security Cameras

Today, home security systems that do not utilize cellular networks for monitoring are considered less effective. Using a cellular security camera allows you to monitor your home and property from just about anywhere. Using a cellular device or mobile smartphone app in conjunction with your current home security package provides the following benefits:

  • Keep an eye on your home or property even when you are not home.
  • Receive instant emails, messages, and push notification alerts to your smartphone from your security system
  • Receive ongoing updates of emergency calls that have been placed
  • Store saved video recordings either on the device or in the cloud.

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    How to Use Old Cell Phone as Security Camera

    If you are sure that you want to use a cellular device as a camera, it is important to select the right security company. You will want to select a security company that allows you to use your own equipment. Unfortunately, AT&T Digital Life does not currently permit customers the option of using their own cellular devices. While it is possible to use the downloadable application available for AT&T Digital Life onto your current Android or iPhone smartphone device, it is not possible to use an old or outdated cellular device with AT&T’s Digital Life security service. There are alternatives that will allow you to use your cell phone as a security camera. One company that provides both new and existing customers with the option of using their own equipment is Protect America.

    Regardless of what you what device you intend to use it is important to research your options. Be sure to research each model that interests you in order to determine it’s benefits and drawbacks. Each camera may have different requirements in order to function as a security camera. With the right equipment and security company you can gain the peace of mind that comes a secure home.

    Another Solution

    Are you looking to install a home security system that is highly customizable and one that provides you with the option to choose your equipment bundles or use your very own home security equipment? Contact Protect America to learn more about equipment and home security plans. Protect America can build a customized equipment package with monitoring that fits your needs and budget. Visit today to find or create a home security plan that is not only affordable, but one that is highly flexible and customizable for any of your monitoring needs.