Hidden cameras play a covert role in keeping an eye on our home and kids when we are away. But, so many have flooded the market, it is hard to find the right one for you. Cheap hidden security cameras may make up a large chunk of the options you find. But an over-saturated market can make it difficult to find the right device for your home. Let us help you narrow down the possibilities.

What and why — Cheap Hidden Security Cameras

Hidden cameras are home security solutions for a variety of reasons. They come in the form of light bulbs, USB ports, and even pens.

A white indoor security camera sits on a white bookshelf next to a plant.

Reasons for cheap hidden security cameras:

Keeping an eye on babysitters, maid, gardener, etc. — It is not unusual to want to make sure people you pay are doing their job. Hidden cameras capture their routines while you are not at home.

  • Scare away people — Security cameras can serve as an extra set of eyes because you can monitor many of them from anywhere. Some cameras can set off an alarm to scare away intruders. If your camera has two-way audio, you can simply speak through the camera to frighten or address visitors.
  • Finding evidence — Filing a report with the police after a break-in is simpler when you can hand over substantial evidence.
  • Keeping up with your kids — Everyone worries about their children when they’re away. In some cases, it’s not only about monitoring the babysitter; older kids come and go, too. Make sure they’re doing their homework before starting up video games with a hidden security camera.
  • Simply cheaper — Small, hidden cameras are generally just less expensive when it comes to home security systems. It does not require a base or three thousand positioned cameras to keep an eye on things at home.

3 Options — Cheap Hidden Security Cameras

The choice of hidden security cameras is not an easy shopping experience. But, we can help the process by detailing three options that at least give you a starting point.


Sometimes we need a hidden eye to observe different rooms at different times. An excellent example of this is one day you might need to watch the living room for activity, and another day, the nursery is the priority.

Features include:

  • Doubles as a USB charger — No one suspects a smart device charger is a camera. It remains truly hidden while you can actually charge your gadget.
  • Affordable — The prices are very reasonable. You are not breaking the bank to watch and record a room.
  • Video quality — 1080P full HD video and 90° come in handy when you need to check in on a baby to feel better during the day.
  • Records without networking — Because of the Micro SD card, the hidden camera will record without an internet connection making it perfect for recording evidence of crimes.

Yinew Spy Camera WiFi Wireless Hidden Camera

The great thing about this hidden camera isn’t just its compact size, but how affordable it is. Starting at just $50, this camera can fit the budget of many families. Additionally, it’s functionality can efficiently add surveillance to a wide variety of settings.

Features include:

  • Angle of view — This camera might be small, but its view is big. With a 120° field of view, you don’t have to worry about missing a thing.
  • Clear Recording — With HD 4K recordings, you can capture clear footage, making it easier to notice suspicious activity.
  • Magnetic — You can stick the camera on anything metal. This gives you a variety of options for placing the camera around your home.
  • Night vision — Thanks to the tiny camera’s LED lights, you can monitor your home at all hours of the day.

Relohas 1080P Mini Spy Hidden Camera WiFi

This camera is the right choice for anyone worried about things back at home while working away for long periods. The Relohas 1080P works indoor or outdoor to keep an alert watch on everything.

Features include: 

  • Night vision — Stats say that home intruders are most likely to come during the day, but the darkness of night gives them a window, too. It provides quality night vision to record until dawn.
  • Ease of stash — Installation is non-existent. You can stash the hidden camera, anywhere.
  • Big storage — It takes a 64G Micro SD card, meaning, during those long trips, the footage is viewable when you get home.
  • Remote monitoring — It not only stores video, but you can also view it from anywhere and everywhere.

A father and mother sit with their young son on a couch while reading him a storybook in their midcentury modern living room.


Hidden cameras are now the trend, but that is because they are useful for so many things. On top of that, they are affordable. The investment is not scary because installation is a non-issue, too. Now that you know what some great options are for finding the right cheap hidden security cameras for your home, it’s time to get to shopping.

But if you’re ready to equip your home with complete interior and exterior protection, give us a call at Protect America. While hidden spy cameras are neat for hiding in the most unsuspecting of places, they’re not capable of completely monitoring your home like a 24/7 professionally monitored system from Protect America. Our security packages don’t just include security cameras, but other devices that specialize in detecting suspicious activity–like motion detector, door and window sensors, smoke alarms and more. Click here to request a free quote today.