Home security systems can deter burglars between 60 and 80% of the time, drastically reducing the risk of your home from becoming a target of potentially dangerous criminals. Whether you are simply thinking about investing in a home security solution or if you are in need of a provider as soon as possible, compare various cheap home security DIY options to determine the best route to take for you and your family.


85% of break-ins that occur in the US are done so by non-professional vandals and criminals, which is why a home security system is imperative to keep your loved ones safe and protected at all times.

Decoy Home Security Cameras

With the ability to deter burglars from entering your property using home security signage and outdoor equipment, decoy home security cameras can come in handy. While decoy home security cameras are affordable and cheap on any budget, they do not provide any actual monitoring or reporting in a potential crisis or time of need. There are also a wide selection of cheap home security cameras these days.

Purchase Used Home Security Equipment

When you are on a budget and in need of additional protection and security, purchasing used home security equipment is one option. Before purchasing used home security cameras, motion detectors, and other equipment, research the seller you are buying from along with the compatibility of the equipment and the service you plan to use. Purchasing compatible equipment is imperative when you are thinking of utilizing a managed and monitored home security provider.

App-Centric Home Security Solutions

Purchasing your own home security equipment and cameras that utilize apps available for both Android and iOS smartphones is another alternative when building a security system for your household. App-centric home security solutions allow you to carefully monitor your home from just about anywhere with the use of Wi-Fi and your smartphone. Receive video feeds and instant alerts whenever your doorbell is rung or when a burglar attempts to enter your home using an app-centric solution.

Create Your Own Home Security System

Create your own home security system by purchasing the right equipment and properly wiring your system. Installing your own home security equipment allows maximum flexibility and personalization to create a system that is ideal for your home and family. If you are unfamiliar with how home security systems work, you may find yourself frustrated and seek the help of a professional to get the job done properly.


Monitored Systems That Offer DIY Installation

Monitored systems are optimal for anyone interested in 24/7 protection, whether you spend most of your time at home or if you find yourself frequently working and traveling out of your city. With a monitored system, gain peace of mind by having any suspicious activity or alarm triggers sent to your local emergency police department immediately. Additionally, monitored security companies provide advantages such as:

  • The option to monitor door and window sensors
  • The option to monitor carbon monoxide detectors
  • Receive alerts immediately to your smartphone or computer
  • Instant communication with local emergency responders include firemen and your police department

Protect America is a leading home security provider in the United States, established in 1992. With Protect America, not only are you provided with 24/7 monitoring services, but you also have the opportunity to select a DIY installation method when setting up your cameras and other home security equipment and accessories.

Are you ready to learn more about Protect America along with the equipment and various solutions we have available for you? Contact us today for your free quote and to get started with a home security package that serves to protect you.