Holograms guarding your front door? Robot dogs waiting to attack by your bed? What does the future of digital security hold based on what we know today? The answer to this question doesn’t necessarily involve a crystal ball so much as it involves looking into what’s happening now and what’s come before it. It seems like a great time to examine home security, considering there have never been more options available than there are now. Learn more about the logic behind the predictions of home security.


The Explosion of Smart Security 

If we were to go ahead and check your pockets right now, what would we find hiding in there? Some lint? Some loose change? A ticket for a movie you saw like three weeks ago? What we’d almost certainly find somewhere on your person (if not in your actual pocket) is a smartphone. The proliferation of smartphones has been everywhere, to the point where few people are priced out of the market. With all the competition, it’s become insanely easy to obtain smart technology. And when it comes to applying that technology to your home, no sector has thrived more than smart security. Imagine a security system that can tell the difference between a harmless squirrel and an ax-weilding murderer, and you may start to see why it’s so popular.

What’s Going On Tomorrow 

So, the first prediction, of course, is that security is just going to get ever smarter as people demand better protection. And with the explosion of popularity comes extra competition, which will almost certainly spell out better prices for everyone. (Music to everyone’s ears, really.) But the real future of home security is likely going to be a type of bespoke protection because that’s exactly what the market demands. Some people move into a home for a lifetime. They want to sign up with a solid security company that comes with all the bells and whistles. They don’t mind signing a 20-year contract because they just want to sign the forms and be done with it. There’s a lot of value in doing this — regardless of the type of neighborhood you live in. But some people want something a little different.


More Choices for the Consumer 

No matter what year it happens to be, there are certain things that never go out of style. Consumers today and tomorrow are looking for systems that they can count on. They don’t want to pay for protection that they’re never going to use. They’re going to look for companies that are:

  • Easy and affordable
  • Experts at installation
  • Constantly improving their security measures
  • Masters at customer satisfaction
  • Reliable and trustworthy

The companies that manage to survive will be the ones who are willing to adapt to new customer taste, and those that can offer the ideal solutions to the many homeowners and renters of America will find themselves at the forefront of the market.

Protect American has been helping people find the right security for them for years. Our experience shines through in practically everything we do because we’re committed to being leaders in home security. As new technology and competition debuts on the market, we’re ready to keep up or change to fit the times. But more than that, we’re hoping to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to keeping people safe. If you want to learn more about our methods and our mission, give us a call today to learn more about our company or request a free quote to get a better idea of what it will take to keep you from harm!